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Fewer celebrity break-ups, but still challenges for America’s marriages

December 31, 2015

There were fewer high profile celebrity divorces in 2015, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of couples who were celebrating together a year ago who won’t be in each other’s arms or watching Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin or Donald Trump ring in the new year tonight.

Chris Kratt

The Wild Kratts Phenomenon: Brothers Martin and Chris Kratt Inspire Children to Care About Wildlife

Soon in its fourth season on public television and syndicated around the world, Wild Kratts brothers Martin and Chris Kratt have turned their passion for wildlife into a phenomenon inspiring millions of youngsters to learn about, care, respect and protect animals.

Joan Rivers

How I Won My Fights with Joan Rivers

It wasn’t always easy winning my fights with Joan Rivers.

Robin Williams as sad clown

Robin Williams: Lightning in the Melody of Laughter

Robin William's greatest contribution may be helping people who are the least trained — the closest of family and friends — learn to help loved ones who are anxious, depressed or struggling with the impact of trauma.


Kate Hudson Learned Parenthood from Famous Mom

For Kate Hudson, growing up with two movie stars as Mom and Dad had a marvelous effect on her career and taught her lifelong lessons about motherhood.

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges Learned Joy of Acting from his Dad, Lloyd

From Tron to The Big Lebowski and Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges has spent decades in Hollywood. He couldn’t have done it without the inspiration of his dad.

Lou Reed

Lou Reed Lived and Died with a Broken Heart

Lou Reed, Godfather of Punk and a founder of The Velvet Underground, never outgrew the pain of his childhood. Reed died Sunday in Southampton, NY, leaving behind a rich and diverse legacy as unique as the man himself. He was 71.

Conor and Eric Clapton

Daddy is a Rock Star: How Eric Clapton’s Music Helped Him Cope After Young Son’s Tragic Death

The loss of a child can be devastating for any parent. After the death of his son, Iconic Eric Clapton relied on his music for coping with pain and healing his grief.

Sofia with dad, Francis Ford Coppola, in 1994.

Sofia Coppola Tackles Fatherhood in Somewhere

Daughter to The Godfather’s Francis Ford Coppola, director Sofia Coppola examines the role of a father and his little girl in the film Somewhere.

Robert Downey, Jr. and dad.

Dad Inspired Robert Downey Jr’s Career in Movies

The seeds for Robert Downey Jr.’s successful career as Hollywood’s most valuable actor were planted, nurtured and inspired by has father from childhood.

Charlie Sheen 2013

Turns Out Charlie Sheen is Living Inside Me

Guided by an innovative personal growth App, a journey into the self found Charlie Sheen making trouble and an opportunity for Viola and others to come to the rescue.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen

Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon is Loving Fatherhood

After a five year battle with infertility, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon is loving fatherhood.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, 2013

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Make Children Top Priority

Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now making parenthood their number one priority, over their multimillion dollar careers.

America's Got Talent performer

Parents Encourage Kids to Dream Big on “Got Talent”

With inspiration and encouragement from their parents, children around the world are seeing dreams come true on the primetime TV series, “Got Talent.”

Gene Simmons and Family

Gene Simmons of KISS: My Dad the Rock Star

Based on the family of KISS’s Gene Simmons, “My Dad the Rock Star” was a vivid cartoon that focused on the son of a wealthy and flashy rock star.

Lenny Kravitz

Daddy is a Rock Star: Lenny Kravitz ‘Let’s Love Rule’

The Jeffersons’ Roxie Roker gave birth to retro rock star Lenny Kravitz. The Grammy Award winning artist and actor now has a baby girl of his own.

Liv Tyler: Loving motherhood

Actress Liv Tyler: Much More than Just a Pretty Face

Even if Daddy is a big rock star, Liv Tyler has earned herself a name in Hollywood. Better yet, the young beauty is now a loving mother as well.

Miley Cyrus is not a little girl anymore

Miley Cyrus twerking and tonguing has moms aghast

The most memorable voices from Sunday’s 2013 MTV VMAs may be a group who were not on stage at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center: America’s mothers.

College station couple jailed

Texas couples’ hard, expensive lesson about intimacy leads to jail and bail

Romance and intimacy isn’t supposed to lead to jail, news coverage, bail money and a pending court appearance. But that’s exactly what happened to a College Station, Texas couple Friday.

Lebron James with U.S. Marine

Heat or Spurs – Tough Call for America’s Soldiers?

The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs face off in Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight at 9PM at Miami’s American Airlines Arena (ABC-TV). Both teams have strong support from the veteran and military community. The Heat have worked especially hard to bring attention and resources to south Florida veterans returning from deployment.

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