Inspired by 9/11, teen became a Marine, fought, and returned to lead battle against veteran homelessness

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Inspired by 9/11, a Florida teen became a Marine, fought in the war on terror, and came home to lead the fight to end veteran homelessness.

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After decade in prison, Air Force veteran embraces help and hope for a better future

After decade in prison, former Air Force medic embraces help and hope for a better future.

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As more veterans face homelessness and housing challenges, nonprofits struggle to keep up

As more veterans face homelessness, nonprofits are struggling to keep up.

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Study finds fatherhood rewires dads’ brains to boost empathy

Researchers found changes in the brains of fathers from prenatal to postpartum that did not emerge in childless men followed across the same time period.

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes celebrates fatherhood

NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes has welcomed the latest addition to his family with wife Brittany Matthews – a bouncing baby boy.

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The Strength of the ‘Soft Daddy’

The latest season of Netflix’s animated comedy Big Mouth explores the mysterious world of father figures, and emerges with a revelation.

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Revealing boyfriend, Billie Eilish says she’s happier than ever

Three weeks before her 21st birthday, Billie Eilish said she’s happier than ever as she confirms Jesse Rutherford is her new boyfriend.

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How To Be A Great Divorced Dad

Being a great divorced dad is all about managing circumstances to create normalcy while showcasing thoughtfulness and love.

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Fatherhood is amazing says Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum loves the challenge of fatherhood.

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Andy Cohen Talks Single Fatherhood & His Hack For Holiday-ing With Kids

“It was definitely a learning experience for me,” Cohen says of adjusting to late nights and early mornings.

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Fatherhood changes Tua Tagovailoa’s Thanksgiving perspective

Fatherhood changes Tua Tagovailoa’s Thanksgiving perspective: “I’m very thankful for my wife. I’m very thankful for our child that we have together.”

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Scotty McCreery Talks New Music and Fatherhood, Teases 2023 Tour

“I love him so much, even when he is yelling in the middle of the night, it’s like I can’t even get upset. It’s like, all right buddy, come here,” Scotty McCreery says.

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Kevin Costner on Life as a Father of 7: ‘I’m Like Any Other Parent Trying to Figure It Out’

Kevin Costner is an actor, Oscar-winning director and musician, but when he’s at home with his family, he’s just Dad.

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Life of Mavs Dads: Balancing NBA grind, birthday parties, modeling strong fatherhood

“We kind of want to change the narrative of, like, not being there,” said Theo Pinson, the team’s newest dad with 8-month-old Alana. “We’re their heroes. We’re like their role models and stuff like that. They don’t know it how blessed they are, but you also want to give them the best life you possibly can.”

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The artist Future dreams of fame and a successful marriage

Billboard Magazine asked the burgeoning artist Future: Do you think you can have fame and a successful marriage? “I feel like I can have both. When the time’s right, it’ll happen. It ain’t nothing that I’m really chasing. But I do dream of it, and I […]

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Nick Cannon Opens Up About Being a Dad of 11: “I Can Affect So Much”

“[Being a father] gives me the ability to say, ‘I can affect so much,'” Nick Cannon said. Cannon proceeded to share his intention to use his influence wisely by standing firmly in who he is while letting his children know it’s OK to be a work in progress.

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World War II Veteran Facing Eviction Gets Help
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VA Grants Help Nonprofits Surge Resources for Florida Veterans

Twelve nonprofits have been awarded grants from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to surge resources for homeless and at-risk Florida veterans.

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PACT Act Veteran Benefits
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President to Sign PACT Act, Estimated $300 Billion in Veteran Benefits

President Biden is scheduled to sign the Pact Act Monday, authorizing an estimated $300 billion in new benefits for veteran families.

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Fort Lauderdale Committed to Helping Homeless Veterans
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Fort Lauderdale Helping Homeless Veterans

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis highlighted the City’s commitment to ending Veteran homelessness in a meeting with homeless Veterans.

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Fellow veterans help World War II Navy Veteran
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VA Program Helps World War II Veteran Facing Eviction in Florida

A 99-year-old World War II veteran was facing eviction in Broward County, Florida when he reached out to Purpose Built Families Foundation’s SSVF program, Operation Sacred Trust, last week.

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MLK Inspires Advocates, Results for America’s Veterans

A generation of MLK inspired advocates are helping veterans like Eric Roberson get the veteran benefits they earned. Roberson, 29 years after completing his Navy service, feels like he can now live a normal life.

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