Inspired by 9/11, teen became a Marine, fought, and returned to lead battle against veteran homelessness

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Inspired by 9/11, a Florida teen became a Marine, fought in the war on terror, and came home to lead the fight to end veteran homelessness.

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Independence Day Honoring Those Who Never Fully Returned from Vietnam
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On Independence Day, Honoring Those Who Were Too Often Forgotten

Eleven months after completing a 15-year prison term and finding himself homeless once more, a US Army Vietnam Veteran saw some of his biggest dreams come true before he died. On Independence Day, we honor his service and sacrifices with a commitment to many others who were once forgotten and neglected.

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John and Kay Doyle Reiunited
The number of people and relationships impacted by trauma has grown exponentially as a result of the pandemic.
Facing the trauma of homelessness
Female veterans
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Gender inequalities for homeless female veterans

It’s not just in the military that women may have to work harder to achieve similar results and benefits to their male counterparts. A survey of female veterans receiving emergency housing assistance during the pandemic reveals significant gender differences.

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HUD-VASH homeless Veteran
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Once Living Under a Bridge, Army Veteran Has a New Lease on Life

Army Veteran Alex Sangster was barely staying alive under a Fort Lauderdale bridge. Help from local law enforcement, community partners and VA helped save his life and move the 64-year old cancer survivor into a home of his own. Army Veteran Alex Sangster, 64, was […]

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military families can help in the mental health pandemic
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Post-COVID relationships
Supportive Services for Veteran Families
U.S. Marine Veteran Noah Eisenmann helps a fellow veteran visit a potential new home.
Help for South Florida Veterans
Isabel is an Operation Sacred Trust Battle Buddy
Female Soldier