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It’s Time to Tell the Truth about Love

January 20, 2016

It’s not love we can honestly promise when we unite our lives. How can we promise a feeling that naturally waxes and wanes through the transitions and passages of our lives?

A Boy Learns to Use All of His Strength

“I am working so hard to clear this stump. I am getting nowhere,” a son exhorts. “My son, why don’t you use all of your strength,” his father questions.

date night and sports

Love Millennial Style

When it comes to feeling loved, millennials are much more likely to be wowed by a lover’s acts of service than older generations. But across the generations, some things haven’t changed at all.

Chris Kratt

The Wild Kratts Phenomenon: Brothers Martin and Chris Kratt Inspire Children to Care About Wildlife

Soon in its fourth season on public television and syndicated around the world, Wild Kratts brothers Martin and Chris Kratt have turned their passion for wildlife into a phenomenon inspiring millions of youngsters to learn about, care, respect and protect animals.

Sacrificing love for lent

What could it mean to sacrifice love for Lent?

What could it mean to sacrifice love for Lent? PAIRS CEO Seth Eisenberg considers what it might mean for couples, marriages and families made up of people who by our very nature are lifelong “works in progress” if modern love was built on a foundation of commitment rather than commitment depending on feelings of love.

Joan Rivers

How I Won My Fights with Joan Rivers

It wasn’t always easy winning my fights with Joan Rivers.

Michael Brown memorial in Ferguson, Missouri

Will Michael Brown and Other Children Die in Vain?

Whether or not Michael Brown died in vain depends on mothers and fathers transforming anger and anguish into tangible expressions of love in struggling inner-city homes and neighborhoods.

Dad's tombstone

Blue Mountain Doesn’t Send Cards to Heaven

A morning reminder of dad’s upcoming birthday that arrived nearly three years after his death helps me realize my gratitude for a dad I barely knew.


Getting Started with the Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Relationship

The most important thing you can do for your relationships is looking for what’s right in the people closest to you and developing the habit of generously, sincerely, and specifically appreciating them. Here are 300 inspiring examples to help you get started.

Loving couple

Most Important Thing to Do for Your Relationship

The most important thing you can do for relationships isn’t difficult and is possible for anyone, says an industry leader in marriage and relationship education. Get inspired with 300 examples of loving, affirming words to strengthen the relationships you want to last.

Preschoolers Learn Lessons in Emotional Literacy

Emotions game helps early preschoolers learn lifelong lessons in emotional literacy.

Richie Incognito's Emotional Jug

For Bullies Everywhere: Incognito No More

How coaches respond to Richie Incognito is about more than the Miami Dolphin’s offensive line.


Learning to Head off Conflict and Power Struggles

Can three simple intersecting circles help a couple head off relationship power struggles, conflict, and build a better marriage?

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges Learned Joy of Acting from his Dad, Lloyd

From Tron to The Big Lebowski and Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges has spent decades in Hollywood. He couldn’t have done it without the inspiration of his dad.


Talking Tips Help Couple Create a Better Marriage

After 15 years, Amy and Craig both want a better marriage. PAIRS Foundation’s Talking Tips App helped them get past Craig’s procrastination and unkept promises.

happy family on a picnic

Best Relationship Advice Ever: Express Appreciations

Two hundred examples of what real couples appreciate about each other and their relationships along with tips for times when you can’t find anything right to say.

Conor and Eric Clapton

Daddy is a Rock Star: How Eric Clapton’s Music Helped Him Cope After Young Son’s Tragic Death

The loss of a child can be devastating for any parent. After the death of his son, Iconic Eric Clapton relied on his music for coping with pain and healing his grief.

Sofia with dad, Francis Ford Coppola, in 1994.

Sofia Coppola Tackles Fatherhood in Somewhere

Daughter to The Godfather’s Francis Ford Coppola, director Sofia Coppola examines the role of a father and his little girl in the film Somewhere.

Robert Downey, Jr. and dad.

Dad Inspired Robert Downey Jr’s Career in Movies

The seeds for Robert Downey Jr.’s successful career as Hollywood’s most valuable actor were planted, nurtured and inspired by has father from childhood.

Ellen and Michael

Online Exercise Helps Couple Build Better Marriage

An online exercise helped Ellen to tell her husband what she was missing in their marriage by answering five questions. Opening the lines of communication made a difference.

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