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2016 UCF Knight-Thon

Central Florida Students Raise $1 Million for Children in 20-Hour Dance Marathon

April 5, 2016

At the University of Central Florida this week, Generation Z students danced their way to more than $1 million in donations for Children’s Miracle Network, making a powerful mark on the landscape of philanthropy at the school’s 2016 Knight-Thon fundraiser.

Triumphs of Experience

Harvard Study: Love Can Buy You Money

Money can’t buy you love, but a Harvard study finds love can buy you money.


After the Typhoon, Relief from Emotional Trauma

Trauma victims, including witnesses and first responders, can find comfort confiding once survival threats have passed. PAIRS Emptying the Emotional Jug exercise, along with a financial contribution to a recognized charitable relief organization providing life-saving resources to people in the Philippines, will help.

Alex Eisenberg VCOM White Coat Ceremony

Hope for Overcoming Critical Shortage of Physicians Begins with Helping Children Believe in Themselves

As 159 future doctors take their oath at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, VCOM, Class of 2016 White Coat ceremony, a father reflects on the value of raising children to believe in themselves and their ability to fulfill the dreams, potential and promise of their lives.

Flat Earth

Virginia Satir’s Columbus Day Story Suggests Not Just the World is Round, But People Too

Virginia Satir, considered the mother of “Family Therapy,” shares a Columbus Day story to help us better understand ourselves, each other and the prospect that it’s not just our world that’s round, but people too.

Chaplain Dick Millspaugh Reaches Out

PAIRS Collaboration with VA Recognized with Prestigious 2012 Spirit of Planetree Award

PAIRS Foundation’s collaborative program with the Department of Veterans Affairs was recognized Wednesday with the prestigious “Spirit of Planetree” award for strengthening relationships among family, friends and social supports as a critical component of patient-centered care and improving outcomes for Veterans impacted by post traumatic stress.

Psychiatrist Donald Levin in Doylestown, PA

As Psychiatrists Dispense with Offering Empathy and Advice, Marriage Education Becomes More Popular

Psychiatrists have discovered talk doesn’t pay, leading many to turn instead to drug therapy, Gardiner Harris reports in The New York Times. Low-cost, evidence-based marriage education and relationship skills training is becoming more popular as couples and singles reach out for practical skills to help them understand and talk to each other.

Sex Addiction - Disease or Excuse?

Sex Addiction Debate Heats Up Psych Community

Millions of Americans attend groups each year for help with sex addictions. The psychiatric community continues to debate whether the issue is one of morality or disease.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fans

For Many, Super Bowl is Serious as a Heart Attack

Fans cheering for the losing team are more likely to suffer heart attacks after Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. Making time to “empty the emotional jug” before, during or after the game can help.

formerly homeless veteran in marriage retreat

Training Helps Veterans Succeed in New Mission

President Obama told America’s servicemen and women today, “we’re going to keep your family strong and secure.” A two year study of 160 couples participating in marriage enrichment retreats following combat deployment shows a significant, positive impact on family resiliency and offers a promising national model.

Dan Marino Foundation Walk About Autism

British Medical Journal: Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s Research Linking Autism to Vaccines was a Fraud

Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 study linking autism to childhood vaccines was a deliberate fraud, says the editor of the British Medical Journal.

Condom Use Rates by Age & Gender

Should Teens Be Teaching Parents About Safe Sex?

While drugs such as Pfizer’s Viagra have enabled millions to increase sexual activity, older men are far less likely to engage in safe sex than teens and young adults. Reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS must include strategies for strengthening relationship satisfaction, pleasure, and fulfillment.

PAIRS Passion Scale

The Surprising Secret to the Best Sex Ever

Indiana University’s recent National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior revealed changing behaviors when it comes to America’s sex life in the age of Viagra. A study by PAIRS Foundation was even more revealing when it comes to the surprising secrets to great sex.

Carol Nigri MCH Dan Marino Center

Foundation of Success for Children with Autism

Claire and Dan Marino have helped thousands of children with autism and other special needs have the greatest opportunity to fulfill their potential through the MCH Dan Marino Center in Weston, Florida. Beyond comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services, helping parents of children with special needs strengthen their relationship with each other is vital to success.

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