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Waiting to begin.

We Wait too Long

August 28, 2015

We wait too long to do what must be done today, in a world which gives us only one day at a time, without any assurance of tomorrow.

Ashley Madison Crossroad

Rx for the Ashley Madison Crossroad

Can getting busted on Ashley Madison be the beginning of true love and a happier, stronger marriage?

Robin Williams as sad clown

Robin Williams: Lightning in the Melody of Laughter

Robin William's greatest contribution may be helping people who are the least trained — the closest of family and friends — learn to help loved ones who are anxious, depressed or struggling with the impact of trauma.

VA Chaplain Barbara Nollie Warrior to Soul Mate Retreat

Veterans, Caregivers Learn to Be Healing to Each Other in Innovative Warrior to Soul Mate Programs

Nearly 5.5 million Americans are caring for service members and Veterans, many of whom are impacted by post traumatic stress. The VA is expanding innovative efforts to help Veterans and their loved ones learn to be healing to each other through the Warrior to Soul Mate program.

guess who will save your marriage

$100 Million Reveals Who Can Save Your Marriage

The person who will save your marriage is closer than you may have realized. The most significant study ever conducted on marriage and relationship education, at an estimated cost of $100 million, reveals who can save our marriages and who can’t.

Triumphs of Experience

Harvard Study: Love Can Buy You Money

Money can’t buy you love, but a Harvard study finds love can buy you money.


After the Typhoon, Relief from Emotional Trauma

Trauma victims, including witnesses and first responders, can find comfort confiding once survival threats have passed. PAIRS Emptying the Emotional Jug exercise, along with a financial contribution to a recognized charitable relief organization providing life-saving resources to people in the Philippines, will help.

Charlie Sheen 2013

Turns Out Charlie Sheen is Living Inside Me

Guided by an innovative personal growth App, a journey into the self found Charlie Sheen making trouble and an opportunity for Viola and others to come to the rescue.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen

Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon is Loving Fatherhood

After a five year battle with infertility, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon is loving fatherhood.

couples beating holiday stress

Beating Holiday Stress Becomes a Click Away

Websites offering evidence-based marriage and relationship skills exercises are helping couples worldwide discover that beating holiday stress can be just a click away.

PAIRS Relationship Apps

New Apps Aim to Help Relationships, Save Marriages

A longtime leader in marriage and relationship education is hoping web-based apps will help couples overcome privacy concerns to learn skills to strengthen their relationships and save marriages.

overcoming depression

Helping a loved one who is sad or depressed

When someone you care about is feeling sad or depressed, the best thing may be to just listen. Consider these helpful do’s and don’ts to help loved ones when they’re upset.

Five Freedoms Helping Veterans Overcome Reintegration Challenges at Home and Work

An innovative initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is helping Veterans overcome challenges reintegrating into their homes, communities and civilian jobs.

Torchmark Closer to the Heart Day of Service

American Income Life Executives Help Homeless Veterans Get Fresh Start During Miami Visit

During a company retreat in Miami, American Income Life executives and their spouses help formerly homeless South Florida Veterans get a fresh start.


Studies Offer Insights into Value, Principles of Evidence-Based Relationship Skills Training

Virginia Satir, known as the “Mother of Family Therapy,” and Dr. Marty Sullivan, a pioneer of Duke University’s Integrative Medicine program, were among the earliest innovators in their fields to integrate relationship skills training into modern approaches to promoting health and wellness. Findings from a five-year federally funded study provide significant evidence validating the models they embraced.

Alex Eisenberg VCOM White Coat Ceremony

Don Lemon ‘Debrief’ for Parents and Children

Five steps to the Don Lemon debrief to help parents and children stay connected.

Alex Eisenberg VCOM White Coat Ceremony

Hope for Overcoming Critical Shortage of Physicians Begins with Helping Children Believe in Themselves

As 159 future doctors take their oath at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, VCOM, Class of 2016 White Coat ceremony, a father reflects on the value of raising children to believe in themselves and their ability to fulfill the dreams, potential and promise of their lives.

Veteran Family

Love of Country Inspires Rebecca King’s Commitment to End Homelessness for America’s Veteran Families

Rebecca King, a military spouse and Family Support Specialist for Operation Sacred Trust, relocated to Florida from the midwest to serve on the frontline of a Department of Veterans Affairs initiative to end homelessness for America’s Veterans.

Flat Earth

Virginia Satir’s Columbus Day Story Suggests Not Just the World is Round, But People Too

Virginia Satir, considered the mother of “Family Therapy,” shares a Columbus Day story to help us better understand ourselves, each other and the prospect that it’s not just our world that’s round, but people too.

Juan Garcia help Veteran learn effective communication

Juan Garcia: No Greater Honor Then Serving Veterans

Juan Garcia lived through his mother’s struggles as a single-parent while his father was serving in the Korean War. While his father returned home emotionally and physically sick, he “was a great father” who made it possible for Juan to go to college and earn his degree. Today, as a Family Support Specialist with Operation Sacred Trust, Juan Garcia is helping hundreds of South Florida homeless and at-risk Veterans learn to strengthen connections with family, friends and social supports and obtain stable, affordable housing as the foundation to rebuilding their lives.

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