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Revealing boyfriend, Billie Eilish says she’s happier than ever

Three weeks before her 21st birthday, singer/songwriter Billie Eilish says she’s happier than ever – and boyfriend Jesse Rutherford may have something to do with it.

The pop star confirmed her relationship with the 31-year-old Neighbourhood frontman during her annual sit-down retrospective with Vanity Fair this week.

When asked if she has a boyfriend, a smiley Eilish gushed about the new love in her life.

“It’s really cool, and I’m really excited and I’m really happy about it,” Eilish said.

Opening up about her relationship, Eilish told CNN that the love language she likes best is affection and touch.

“Other than that, just like freedom…you know, I don’t want to be controlled,” she said. “I want to be trusted and I want to be able to have space and I want love and attention. And equal admiration is really important.”

Relationship experts were happy to see the pop star drawing attention to resources that strengthen intimacy.

“Intimate relationships that are happy tend to include partners who naturally show affection to each other often,” said Seth Eisenberg, President/CEO of Purpose Built Families Foundation, a Florida nonprofit that delivers PAIRS relationship skills training for teens and adults. PAIRS is an acronym for “Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills.”

Despite their celebrity lives, Eilish and Rutherford are like millions of other young couples striving to be equal partners, sharing in making decisions about things, and wanting to be each other’s best friends, Eisenberg said.

“Away from the spotlight of celebrity, they show caring by confiding in each other, listening to and understanding each other, encouraging each other, and making quality time to spend together. Their actions show they care. Those examples are important for any couple,” Eisenberg said.

Eilish’s confirmation of her relationship with Rutherford followed months of speculation after the two were spotted out together on multiple occasions.

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