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Clifford Johnson leads resiliency class for Veterans in Miami

Clifford Johnson Shares Experience Overcoming Homelessness, Addiction to Serve At-Risk Veterans

Clifford Johnson shares his experience overcoming years of homelessness and addictions to serve at-risk and homeless Veterans through weekly resiliency classes in South Florida. Together with the team at Operation Sacred Trust, he’s helped end homelessness for hundreds of Veteran families.

Yvette Costa OST Family Intake

Operation Sacred Trust’s Yvette Costa is Helping End Homelessness for South Florida’s Veteran Families

Yvette Costa, a Case Manager for Operation Sacred Trust, has helped end homelessness for hundreds of Veteran families in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Although Ms. Costa is the daughter of a Veteran, it was ultimately the help she and her family received from the Department of Veterans Affairs during difficult times that led her to dedicate her life to serving the Veteran community.

Ralph and Michelle Lynn

Ralph Lynn Remarried His Best Friend

For years, Ralph Lynn, a former Marine sniper in Iraq, suffered from undiagnosed PTSD. “My own relationship with my wife suffered to the point of divorce. After I got help, I am happy to say I am re-married to my best friend.” Ralph and his wife Michelle today help other Veterans through marriage and relationship education retreats offered by the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia.

Chaplain Dick Millspaugh Reaches Out

PAIRS Collaboration with VA Recognized with Prestigious 2012 Spirit of Planetree Award

PAIRS Foundation’s collaborative program with the Department of Veterans Affairs was recognized Wednesday with the prestigious “Spirit of Planetree” award for strengthening relationships among family, friends and social supports as a critical component of patient-centered care and improving outcomes for Veterans impacted by post traumatic stress.

Dianna Nash

Relationship Coach Dianna Nash Helps Couples “Talk it Out” for Better Marriages

Dianna Nash was raised in a single-parent household. “Because of that lifestyle,” she says, “I always wanted to be apart of a two-parent family.” But as an adult, Ms. Nash says her relationships failed. “Because of my failures, I sought love in the wrong places and for the wrong reasons.” Today, through Talk It Out Relationship Services in Roseville, California, Ms. Nash is helping couples and singles learn to build healthy, vibrant relationships by “talking it out.”

Charlotte Michie and Seth Eisenberg

Charlotte Michie: A Good Relationship with Your Spouse is Foundation for Having it All

“Relationships are everything,” says Charlotte Michie, a Cary, North Carolina marriage and family therapist. “If you have a good relationship with your spouse, you have it all even if you are sick and without money.” Next month, with assistance from her husband of 34 years, Charlotte will begin offering evidence-based, skills building weekends to help couples learn to create and sustain happy, successful marriages.

VA Chaplain Andrew Sioleti

VA Expands Efforts to Help Chaplains Boost Veteran Marriages and Family Resilience

The Department of Veterans Affairs is expanding training for VA Chaplains and Behavioral Health professionals to help Veterans and their significant others learn evidence-based skills for improving interpersonal communication, emotional understanding and expression, and healthy conflict resolution.

Initiative Aims to Disrupt Homelessness for South Florida Veteran Families

Four of South Florida’s leading nonprofits with a long track record of service to Veterans were awarded $1 million by the Veterans Administration last week to implement “Operation Sacred Trust.” The initiative aims to provide a model of community collaboration, innovative services, and access to affordable housing to end homelessness among Veteran families.

Study Shows Six Questions Assess Marriage Strength

A new study found answers to six questions provides a reliable measure of relationship satisfaction.

I Am ME: Fabiola Ana Torrez, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fabiola Ana Torrez teaches relationship building skills to parents of special needs children in South Florida to help them face life together and give youngsters the greatest opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Drive Safely

Southern Grits and a Real Bad Car Wreck

On a quiet Sunday morning in South Carolina, the instant of a near fatal car crash offers powerful reminders about the fragility of life, kindness of strangers, and infinite value of a loving embrace.

Marriage education: Can this marriage be saved?

COUPLES: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Marriage education was introduced as a “preventive maintenance” approach to sustaining love and strengthening families in this 1982 Washington Post article.

For Military Families, Homecoming Can Be Stressful

For military families, reuniting after deployment may include a laundry list of challenges. A guide from the American Psychological Association suggests ten tips, warning signs, and an assessment to consider the impact of trauma.

Father and son confiding

Are You Hearing Everything But Each Other?

Is technology helping couples and families hear everything but each other? An exercise from a leading relationship and marriage education program helps make it safe to confide emotions.


Helping Children Talk About Traumatic Events

Millions of children have watched horrific events that have now claimed nearly 20,000 lives in Japan. A popular marriage education exercise helps parents make it safe for young people to confide feelings that could otherwise remain bottled up.

Strengthening Resources and Supports for National Guard Couples and Families Report

Strengthening Supports for National Guard Families

A groundbreaking effort to convene many of the best minds on the subject of the intimate relationships of National Guard service members and their families focused on the importance of relationship and marriage education in identifying and effectively dealing with the stress of multiple deployments for the “citizen Soldier.”

What Would You Do in an Earthquake?

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself near the epicenter of a massive earthquake such as today’s 8.9-magnitude explosion in Japan?


Who Do I Have the Pleasure of Meeting?

Discovering the unique parts of self in each of us and others offers the opportunity for new understandings, connection, and healing. Leading relationship and marriage education programs help people recognize parts that may sabotaging dreams and relationships. An exercise developed by Virginia Satir can help prevent a mutiny.

More Singles are Showing Up for Marriage Education

Greater numbers of singles are turning up at marriage education and relationship skills classes. A new study explains why and reveals potential cost saving benefits for state and federal policy-makers.

Sex Addiction - Disease or Excuse?

Sex Addiction Debate Heats Up Psych Community

Millions of Americans attend groups each year for help with sex addictions. The psychiatric community continues to debate whether the issue is one of morality or disease.

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