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New Apps Aim to Help Relationships, Save Marriages


A longtime leader in marriage and relationship education is hoping web-based apps will help couples overcome privacy concerns to learn skills to strengthen their relationships and save marriages.

PAIRS Relationship Apps

PAIRS Foundation, a longtime industry leader in marriage and relationship education, is betting online apps will help strengthen relationships and save marriages. The nonprofit group dedicated since 1983 to helping couples and families is testing four web-based apps and planning to release a dozen by the end of the year.
PAIRS Foundation
When it comes to reaching out for relationship help, PAIRS CEO Seth Eisenberg said, “Privacy and accessibility are key issues.”

“While nearly every couple has questions about their love relationship, those remain deeply private issues for many. Our hope is that the full range of PAIRS web-based relationship apps will help people learn to boost relationship quality and satisfaction through proven skills for creating enduring happiness, pleasure and fulfillment,” Seth Eisenberg said.

The first four web apps being tested by the group include:

  • PAIRS DTR: Five steps for improving communication, connection and problem-solving.
  • Five Questions: Issues to consider to clarify expectations when relationships get in trouble.
  • Relationship Pleasure: Score your relationship in six areas.
  • Love Bank: How to build a high balance for your relationship.

Eisenberg said the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation, based in Hollywood, Florida, plans to charge a nominal fee for access to the full range of PAIRS Relationship Apps by the beginning of 2014, although he said the Apps will remain free for America’s active-duty military.

Visit the PAIRS website to test-out one or more of their first four relationship building apps.

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