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guess who will save your marriage

$100 Million Reveals Who Can Save Your Marriage

April 12, 2014

The person who will save your marriage is closer than you may have realized. The most significant study ever conducted on marriage and relationship education, at an estimated cost of $100 million, reveals who can save our marriages and who can’t.


What is a Veteran

On Veterans Day, remembering two little words that mean a lot can make a difference.

Richie Incognito's Emotional Jug

For Bullies Everywhere: Incognito No More

How coaches respond to Richie Incognito is about more than the Miami Dolphin’s offensive line.

divorce reform

Divorce Reform Challenges Marriage Educators

Proposed divorce reform legislation challenges the field of marriage education to be sure programs make a lasting, positive difference for couples on the brink of divorce.

Hilda "Lynn" Saltzman and Rachel Schindler

Lynn Saltzman: “All You Have is Family”

Hilda “Lynn” Saltzman died Wednesday at the age of 82. Her granddaughter reflects on the lasting legacy of a life devoted to family.

Wendy Hirsh Weiner, Ed.D.

Children Deserve New Approach to Education

The ability to imagine, create, and inspire requires individuals who are balanced, have high self-esteem, able to problem solve, work independently and within teams, and utilize their unique strengths to find purpose in their careers, says guest columnist Dr. Wendy Hirsh Weiner, founder of the Conservatory Prep Senior High School in Davie, Florida.

Challenging Marriage Educators to Prove Impact

As the annual SmartMarriages conference begins in Orlando, a Psychology Today article takes aim at proponents of marriage education for focusing on selling classes instead of research. Ensuring marriage education programs have a proven track record of positive impact is vital to gaining trust and broader acceptance from the public and professionals.

Nicole Ganguzza

A reminder to live, love and treasure

Two years after the death of 26-year-old Nicole Ganguzza, a UCF graduate student and PAIRS instructor, her memory reminds us to fully live, love and treasure life and each other.

Do what you can with what you’ve got where you are

President Obama this week urged the Class of 2010 to persevere, take responsibility, deepen empathy, and give back. He encouraged young people to build skills, not make excuses, learn what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes, and give back, values that are the foundation for strong families, organizations, and communities.

Times Square terror attack

Lance Orton: See something, say something

Lance Orton, a Times Square T-Shirt Vendor and Vietnam veteran, helped save lives by alerting police to smoke fuming from the back of an S.U.V. Saturday. From Times Square to classrooms and neighborhoods across the globe, the role of bystanders has become increasingly important.

Larry and Shawn King

Should Larry King’s marriage license be revoked?

Amidst stories of Larry King’s pending eighth divorce, should the King of Talk’s marriage license be revoked? “How many marriages are too many,” Belinda Luscombe asks? A co-worker suggests a weekend marriage education class. Now that would be something to talk about.

Artyom Savelyev

Bonding critical for adoptive parents and children

As he celebrated his eighth birthday in a Moscow hospital this week, little Artyom Savelyev’s experiences continued to betray the hope of his Russian name, to be “safe and sound.” Artyom’s story and many others demonstrate the importance of improving post-adoption services through skills that enhance communication, emotional understanding, promote forgiveness, bonding, attachment, and healthy conflict resolution.

PAIRS Foundation Logo

Study offers hope for marriages, families, and jobs

A study by the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation found statistically significant, lasting improvements in marital satisfaction for men and women who completed a nine-hour relationship skills training program. The organization says that expanding relationship skills training in communities nationwide offers the potential for creating tens of thousands of jobs while reducing billions in taxpayer expenses.

Parents key to reducing teen-on-teen violence

Rarely is violence against children as premeditated as the attack that left 15 dead and 24 injured at Columbine High School. More typically, it’s a result of young people without constructive, healthy outlets for upsetting feelings either unleashing stored up emotions inward or outward. Parental messages that urge children not to feel what they feel (“Don’t be angry,” “Don’t be sad,” Don’t be scared.”) often lead youngsters to stop confiding in trusted adults, giving more energy to bottled up feelings that can become destructive. Assuring more children grow up with two parents who are actively engaged in their lives within neighborhoods where caring adults are regularly a positive influence is the most important contribution we can make to a future that’s safer for all of our sons and daughters.

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