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Former VA Secretary in Broward County for Opening of Veteran Service Center and a Plan to End Chronic Veteran Homelessness

Local nonprofit sets goal to replicate Miami-Dade’s 2018 end to chronic veteran homelessness in nearby Broward. Broward County will host Dr. Paul F. Lawrence, former Undersecretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Wednesday, November 17, 2021 to celebrate the opening of the Operation Sacred […]

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U.S. Marine Veteran Noah Eisenmann helps a fellow veteran visit a potential new home.

Veterans Helping Veterans More Often as Needs Increase

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Veterans helping veterans overcome homelessness is becoming increasingly common as needs and challenges continue to grow.

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Help for South Florida Veterans
Isabel is an Operation Sacred Trust Battle Buddy
Homeless Veteran
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After Four Deployments, a Marine Fights for Fellow Veterans at Home

After tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, a Marine comes home to fight for the lives of fellow Veterans without a safe place to call home. Twice as many Veterans are facing homelessness this year.

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Larry Schooler and children
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Seven Parenting Lessons from Daddy Day Camp

if there is anything even remotely beneficial about the need to limit our movements during the pandemic, it is that we have been granted a rare opportunity to get closer to those closest to us — our families.

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Farrah Farivar Operation Sacred Trust
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Veterans Hard Hit by Coronavirus Need Help

Military veterans have been hard hit by coronavirus. Those serving on the frontlines are urging homeowners and banks to open up vacant properties for veterans who can pay reasonable rent, calling affordable housing a matter of life or death for many.

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Pablo Ithier
Operation Sacred Trust COVID-19 Broward County Dashboard
Theodius Stanley
Stress styles of communication
Hope Huddles
Helping connect with loved ones through coronavirus isolation
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Coronavirus fears of death inspiring some to embrace the living — from a distance

As Coronavirus brings the fear of death out of the shadows, couples are having important conversations to become more connected and loving. “The 14-Day Class Couples Playbook” is guiding some through the crisis. The results can make a difference long into the future.

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child wearing protective mask
The 14-Day Class for Coronavirus Quarantined Couples
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Self-esteem as our auto-immune system

A 14-Day relationship skills class for couples in quarantine is available, helping boost emotional connection, problem-solving, and self-esteem in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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Operation Sacred Trust Director Camille Eisenmann with Ramon Gonzalez.
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Army veteran was sleeping in Walmart parking lot to be close to mom

Being close to mom in a South Florida nursing home meant sleeping in a Walmart parking lot. Fortunately, this Army veteran was able to rapidly get V.A. benefits to get out of his car and into affordable housing.

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Finding a gift in the coronavirus epidemic
Reaching homeless veteran in Miami
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Saving Veteran lives means hitting the streets 24/7 motivated and resourced

Will big tech come to the rescue to save veteran lives and end veteran homelessness? The same passion and technologies that help America explore distant worlds, connect billions through virtual communities, and catalog sextillions of data is key to reaching homeless veterans and saving lives.

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