Navy Veteran Willie Askew Share Story Overcoming Homelessness

Formerly homeless veterans share successes at “listening visit” with Florida Congressman

7 min 1 yr

Florida Veterans share personal stories overcoming homelessness in “listening visit” with U.S. Congressman.

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Who were America's homeless Veterans in 2021
3 min 1 yr

Who Were America’s Homeless and At-Risk Veterans in 2021

Who were America’s homeless and at-risk Veterans in 2021? In South Florida, they were overwhelmingly single men with one or more disabilities who had served in the Army.

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3 min 1 yr

Former VA Secretary in Broward County for Opening of Veteran Service Center and a Plan to End Chronic Veteran Homelessness

Local nonprofit sets goal to replicate Miami-Dade’s 2018 end to chronic veteran homelessness in nearby Broward. Broward County will host Dr. Paul F. Lawrence, former Undersecretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Wednesday, November 17, 2021 to celebrate the opening of the Operation Sacred […]

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2 min 1 yr

For Homeless Veterans, One-Stop Shop is Changing and Saving Lives

For homeless veterans, VA one-stop shops are rapidly getting them the help they’ve earned and deserve. VA professionals say the approach is saving lives.

4 min 1 yr

Inspired by 9/11, teen became a Marine, fought, and returned to lead battle against veteran homelessness

Inspired by 9/11, a Florida teen became a Marine, fought in the war on terror, and came home to lead the fight to end veteran homelessness.

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cops helping veterans
6 min 2 yrs

Cops helping veterans get benefits, housing, and off the streets

For homeless veterans, a run-in with a local cop may be their best hope for a better future if they follow Officer Shawn Keechle’s example.

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Independence Day Honoring Those Who Never Fully Returned from Vietnam
2 5 min 2 yrs

On Independence Day, Honoring Those Who Were Too Often Forgotten

Eleven months after completing a 15-year prison term and finding himself homeless once more, a US Army Vietnam Veteran saw some of his biggest dreams come true before he died. On Independence Day, we honor his service and sacrifices with a commitment to many others who were once forgotten and neglected.

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marriage problems
7 min 2 yrs

Marriage, family problems leading many veterans to homelessness

Marriage and family problems are leading many veterans to homelessness. VA and its partners are helping veterans strengthen relationships.

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John and Kay Doyle Reiunited
5 min 2 yrs

Marriage of 72 years still going strong despite pandemic separation

Their 72-year marriage weathered many storms before the pandemic. After long separation, John and Kay Doyle are happy to be together again.

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Who were America's homeless Veterans in 2021
8 min 2 yrs

Essence of care training turns close relationships into help, healing

The number of people impacted by trauma has grown exponentially. Essence of care training turns close relationships into help and healing.

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Facing the trauma of homelessness
10 min 2 yrs

Trauma of homelessness grows as more Americans losing homes

The trauma of homelessness is increasing as more Americans are losing their homes. A program that follows the science is sharing what works.

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Female veterans
1 5 min 2 yrs

Gender inequalities for homeless female veterans

It’s not just in the military that women may have to work harder to achieve similar results and benefits to their male counterparts. A survey of female veterans receiving emergency housing assistance during the pandemic reveals significant gender differences.

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HUD-VASH homeless Veteran
4 min 2 yrs

Once Living Under a Bridge, Army Veteran Has a New Lease on Life

Army Veteran Alex Sangster was barely staying alive under a Fort Lauderdale bridge. Help from local law enforcement, community partners and VA helped save his life and move the 64-year old cancer survivor into a home of his own. Army Veteran Alex Sangster, 64, was […]

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pandemic anger
7 min 2 yrs

Pandemic Anger and the Navy Chaplain who blamed his wife

The consequences of pandemic anger can be as deadly as the coronavirus itself. It’s seeping into homes and neighborhoods throughout America.

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military families can help in the mental health pandemic
6 min 2 yrs

Military families can help public beat mental health pandemic

Military families have valuable experience that can help others overcome the mental health pandemic already affecting millions.

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disrupting veteran suicide
7 min 2 yrs

Military Families Need Help Getting Earned Benefits

Many veteran and military families struggle to access help that could save lives. Your voice can make a difference for them.

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Post-COVID relationships
9 min 2 yrs

Post COVID Relationships Face a Reckoning

Rocky relationships and romances that survived COVID face their reckonings as improving economy and vaccine offer couples more freedom.

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Supportive Services for Veteran Families
4 min 2 yrs

Veterans Day: Celebrating the Extraordinary

Veterans Day is a celebration of the extraordinary. Matthew Ramasir serves on the frontline helping fellow Veterans overcome homelessness.

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U.S. Marine Veteran Noah Eisenmann helps a fellow veteran visit a potential new home.
5 min 2 yrs

Veterans Helping Veterans More Often as Needs Increase

Veterans helping veterans overcome homelessness is becoming increasingly common as needs and challenges continue to grow.

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Help for South Florida Veterans
9 min 2 yrs

South Florida Veterans Continue to Face Increased Hardships

Low-income veterans are facing increased hardships, threatening South Florida with housing challenges that could impact the Miami-Fort Lauderdale landscape for years.

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