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From the Streets of LA, Alex Lambert Cries For Help


Alex Lambert, 20, the former American Idol star, tweeted yesterday that he’s homeless in LA and can’t take it anymore. The Season Nine standout’s plea for help deserves attention.

Alex Lambert singing "Trouble" on American Idol
Alex Lambert singing "Trouble" on American Idol Season Nine.

“Ever since IICD ended I’ve been kinda homeless! Sleepin on the street and behind buildings.I have a choice to stay and pursue my career or go …”

@TrueAlexLambert, 1/18/11

by Carson Abrir

Alex Lambert’s rep said the American Idol standout was just having a bad day when he tweeted that he’s homeless and “can’t take it anymore.”

“Please be grateful for everything you have,” Lambert, 20, tweeted along with news that he’s been sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles. “There’s people out there with nothing,” he added.

Shelter, like air, food and water, is not a luxury, it’s a necessity to stay alive. After Lambert’s rep followed up with The Hollywood Reporter to say the singer was okay, his tweets look more like a cry for help then attention. Knowing the struggles faced by many celebrated young artists like Alex Lambert can lead to a lifetime of addictions and the early end to promising lives, is there anything to do?


Whether it’s Alex Lambert (@TrueAlexLambert) tweeting to 18,000 followers, a friend or family, when someone’s saying they can’t take it anymore, it’s important to take them seriously.

Anyone who watched Idol’s ninth season knows Alex Lambert has talent. His cut after making it to the top 16 was one of the most shocking in the show’s history. But talent and smarts can easily get buried beneath the turmoil of emotions when anyone – celebrity or otherwise – is carrying around a jug full of anger, pain, sadness, fear, resentment or disappointment.

While it’s good to read today that Alex has a place to sleep, what he may really need is someone to listen to him empty his emotional jug without telling him what to do or how to feel.

Check it out in “It Gets Better with Listening.” Whether it’s Alex Lambert crying out or anyone else, knowing how to help a person in the midst of crisis find peace and clarity can make a difference.


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