Independence Day Honoring Those Who Never Fully Returned from Vietnam
2 5 min 11 mths

On Independence Day, Honoring Those Who Were Too Often Forgotten

Eleven months after completing a 15-year prison term and finding himself homeless once more, a US Army Vietnam Veteran saw some of his biggest dreams come true before he died. On Independence Day, we honor his service and sacrifices with a commitment to many others who were once forgotten and neglected.

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Help for Your Valentine's Day Card

Last minute help with your Valentine’s Day card – 187 examples of appreciations for those we love

29 min 2 yrs

Ready to write the perfect Valentine’s Day card? Here are 187 real life examples of appreciations for the ones we love to get your inspired.

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V.A. Chaplain Ed Waldrop
4 min 2 yrs

A warrior lives on through his commitment to helping Veterans overcome the wounds of war in the arms of their loved ones

V.A. Chaplain Ed Waldrop was searching for an answer to the consequences of post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, and other visible and invisible wounds of war that had altered the lives of people he loved. He hoped and prayed these warriors would find life in the arms of those they’d fought to protect.

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Ana Rubirosa with Veteran Robert Jacoby at his new Miami Beach apartment.
9 min 2 yrs

Overcoming homelessness, Miami Veteran is ready for fresh start at life, love

The former New Yorker who’d known the good life in Yonkers and Miami became homeless on the streets of his own community, sleeping on the cement in front of a local church, fighting off thieves after the few possessions he could carry, even his medicine … even his life. Homelessness came to an end when he discovered veteran benefits earned decades earlier that he never knew he had.

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Allman Betts Band
7 min 2 yrs

Daddy Is a Rock Star: The Allman Betts Band

Discover how the offspring of the legendary Allman Brothers Band handle expectations as artists and parents.

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Emotional jug at Planetree conference on patient-centered care
5 min 3 yrs

Emotional numbing is contributing to veteran homelessness and suicide

In the military, if you were supposed to have feelings, they would have been issued. Although emotional numbing may help warriors survive the battlefield, as civilians, they may be paying a heavy price that’s impacting homelessness, addictions, and suicide. At a recent conference on patient centered care, leaders said they’re hopeful about the future.

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4 min 3 yrs

Veterans Day and the Heroes Among Us

Dr. Juan Flores had just sat down in French class at South Broward High School on the morning of September 11th. He went on to become one of more than four million who offered his life to protect America after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Not yet an American citizen, Flores knew when the second plane hit the World Trade Center that it was his nation that was attacked, his duty to respond.

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4 min 3 yrs

Homelessness Challenging Florida’s Post-9/11 Veterans

“Every conversation around me, people were saying, ‘This is real. This is real.’ And then I see the news caption, ‘America Under Attack,'” Michael Desir remembered. Three post-9/11 Veterans offer an intimate perspective on the people behind the numbers.

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Justin Miller at wedding of Alissa Harrington
3 min 3 yrs

‘There is hope and meaning moving forward’: Sister becomes advocate after brother’s suicide at VA

In the 18 months since her younger brother killed himself in the parking lot of a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital, Alissa Harrington has joined a support network, passed the bar exam, become an advocate for veteran suicide prevention and continued to share his story.

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woman contemplates the water
Camille Eisenmann
3 min 3 yrs

Broward County Homeless Veterans Find Hope, Help, Healing

Camille Eisenmann helped distribute more than $4.3 million in emergency assistance for homeless and at-risk Veteran families in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Eddie Miller in Miami, 2013.