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Mike and Barb during happier times.

My Sweet Baton Rouge

Mike and Barb were no longer that young couple in love. They were in a weekend retreat searching for any last-ditch sign of hope for a marriage that had more years of sour than sweetness. For a moment, he remembered his sweet Baton Rouge. And there she was, sitting beside him.

Two women hug during break in marriage education class.

“He will wipe away every tear …”

“I’d like the fighting to stop,” Barbara said. “I’d like the pain to stop. I’d like to stop feeling angry, scared and sad all the time. I’d like to stop suspecting him all the time. I’d like to either know we can make things better, like it once was, or, as hard is it might be, call it quits. I can’t take this anymore. I wont,” she said as the sobs began.

Evelyn and Kathy

Will marriage equality end Evelyn and Kathy’s 10-year relationship?

Evelyn smiled, not surprised that bringing her wife to the weekend marriage retreat would raise some eyebrows. The couple hadn’t expected anything to change in their relationship after they married. But something had changed.

Should Mike and Barb Save Their Marriage? Will They?

Entering the conference room within a few inches of each other, the gulf between the couple betrayed canyons of hostility and despair as they dragged themselves like two people who’d had their knees broken to a last chance weekend for a miserable marriage from which both seemed eager to flee.

Appreciations aren't meant to be kept secret.

Appreciations Go a Long Way to Strengthening Relationships

Couples and families who create a habit of appreciating each other tend to be happier, healthier and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

Want to Know What Your Lover Wants after Sex? Ask!

Is your lover waiting for you to break out in song after love making? Not likely, according to a study of 891 adult men and women conducted by PAIRS Foundation, a longtime industry leader in marriage and relationship education.

Preschoolers Learn Lessons in Emotional Literacy

Emotions game helps early preschoolers learn lifelong lessons in emotional literacy.

couples beating holiday stress

Beating Holiday Stress Becomes a Click Away

Websites offering evidence-based marriage and relationship skills exercises are helping couples worldwide discover that beating holiday stress can be just a click away.

fathers and sons

Why men struggle with love and what to do about it

Many of our fathers knew very little about what it takes to sustain love and intimacy. Whether or not couples loved, or even liked each other, may not have been important.

couple embrace

Can Facebook Help Us Give and Get More Hugs?

Relationship educators are increasingly turning to Facebook to help couples and singles learn to give and get more hugs through online skills building exercises.

Marriage Education Flyer

Marriage Education Trending Among Florida Singles

More and more singles are realizing that successful relationships begin with becoming the right person even before finding the right person. Greater numbers of singles are turning out for marriage education classes in South Florida.

Sanford Rosenthal celebrates a birthday

I Am ME: Sanford Rosenthal, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sanford Rosenthal has faced a lot of curve balls in his life. Teaching relationship and marriage education classes helped him discover more about his own wisdom and help others find theirs.

Hall Pass

Working Through the Three Year Glitch

A new study of 2,000 British adults found couples are increasingly shaving four years off of the traditional seven year itch. For many, marriage education is making a difference.

Daily Temperature Reading

Five Steps for Building a Connected Community

The Daily Temperature Reading helps teams stay motivated and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Communities for formerly homeless adults are using the Daily Temperature Reading to strengthen relationships among neighbors.

Giovanny and Valentina Castro

I Am ME: Giovanny Castro, Miami Marriage Maestro

Giovanny Castro is a marriage maestro for South Florida teens and adults eager to learn skills to create happy, lasting relationships. Regularly practicing the skills he teaches with his wife has made a tremendous difference to his own marriage and his quest to make the world a better place.

Relationship Skills Helping Couples Work it Out

Relationship skills classes this weekend in South Florida offer singles and couples practical skills for improving communication, emotional understanding, and problem-solving. The classes in English and Spanish are grant-funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

Angie and Randy Mewhirter

I Am ME: Randy Mewhirter, Fresno California

Angie and Randy Mewhirter have been married for more than 35 years. Their shared passion for healthy relationships inspires their outreach and classes to young people, young adults, and parents through Relate for Life in Fresno, California.

PAIRS Inbox: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about marriage education and relationship skills training from PAIRS Foundation’s Inbox.

Seven Essential Skills for Relationships

Seven essentials skills for relationships.

Online PAIRS Class Teaches Skills for Lasting Love

When it comes to love and intimacy, the trial and error approach too often comes at a very high price. PAIRS Essentials is a research-validated, educational program that has helped thousands of couples create and sustain lasting, joyful, love relationships. The ten-hour class will be offered online over four consecutive Thursdays beginning January 27th. Space is limited.

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