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Meet Yodi: AI-powered mentor helps humans tackle everyday challenges of love, intimacy and relationships

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Fort Lauderdale, FL – “Yodi,” an AI-powered mentor, is helping humans (singles and couples alike) improve communication, problem solving, and relationships. The app was developed by the nonprofit Purpose Built Families Foundation. The foundation’s PAIRS program is a longtime industry leader in evidence-based relationship skills and marriage education.

“PAIRS AI-powered Talking Tips™ app is an easy way to learn great communication skills and strengthen intimate relationships,” says Purpose Built’s CEO Seth Eisenberg.

Built on technology of the award-winning PAIRS (“Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills”) program, the app provides powerful insights into the complexities of relating to others, helping users understand the dynamics of their relationships and enabling them to create meaningful conversations with ease.

The app features an AI assistant, known as “Yodi,” who guides users through exercises and helps you uncover helpful communication tips. It also includes personalized feedback at each step to ensure users are learning efficiently and developing constructive habits, says Rachel Marmor, a licensed marriage and family therapist involved with developing the revolutionary technology.

Yodi’s first activity is helping users master the PAIRS Talking Tips skill for effective communication and problem-solving.

PAIRS Talking Tips™
Eisenberg says “Yodi” is revolutionizing the field of relationship skills training.

“Whether it’s for an intimate relationship or a professional one, Talking Tips delivers the skills you need to reach your full potential and create healthier relationships,” says Marmor, who also serves as Chief Wellness Officer at the nationally-accredited Purpose Built Families Foundation.

Eisenberg says the foundation has trained nearly 2,000 human facilitators who are able to support Yodi’s success.

“Yodi is built on groundbreaking AI and decades of relationship skills training to help users master the basics. A global corps of trained facilitators are available to help users who want to go beyond mastering the basics,” Eisenberg says.

The app is currently by invitation only for Apple iOS users and will be available to the general public via Google Play and the App Store later this year. Learn more or sign up for the beta test at and then try the Talking Tips App and get started on your path to successful communication!

Yodi is an AI-powered mentor teaching users the award winning PAIRS program.
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