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Cutting edge AI boosts healthy relationships, social and emotional learning for youth and adults

Meet Yodi, a cutting edge AI-powered relationship coach and mentor that boosts social and emotional learning; now available on the Apple App Store.

Yodi helps users master skills to strengthen interpersonal relationships and social and emotional learning, including how to:

  • Strengthen interpersonal connection
  • Express concerns without blaming, judging or criticizing
  • Relieve destress, distress and anxiety by expressing upsetting emotions
  • Clarify relationship expections
  • Let go of grudges
  • Fight fair so it’s two people again the problem and not each other

And that’s just the beginning. Yodi, Inc., developer of the groundbreaking technology innovation, says dozens more evidence-based relationships skills are coming soon.

The revolutionary technology developed out of a joint venture between The PAIRS Foundation, Purpose Built Families Foundation, and tech start-up Yodi, Inc. with the goal of making relationship skills training “available to anyone, anywhere, anytime,” said CEO Seth Eisenberg.

Licensed marriage counselor Rachel Marmor advised on the project.

“Yodi fills a critical gap — making sure people have a partner to practice skills for boosting emotional literacy,” Marmor said. “Social and emotional learning with a partner goes a long way,” Marmor added.

Relationships are hard

Samuel Xu, the Toronto-based developer who led the project’s technology team said the need for Yodi comes from the realization that “relationships are hard.”

“We all miscommunicate. The consequences range from minor annoyances to corporate catastrophes, and in intimate relationships where emotions are involved, the difficulty is compounded,” Xu, the project’s Chief Technology Officer, said.

“Our conversational tools are based on the PAIRS curriculum, 40+ years in the making,” Xu said.

Time-tested, research-proven

“Time-tested and research-proven, these tools have been instrumental in the betterment of thousands of relationships already,” the Chief Technology Officer added.

Supervisor Shirley Johnson introduced Yodi exercises to thousands of students and adults in Miami-Dade County. The results, Dr. Johnson said, were nothing short of remarkable.

Social and Emotional Learning for Miami-Dade County youth and adults. “Remarkable outcomes!”

For a limited time, an edition of Yodi is available for free from the Apple App Store. To access more advanced exercises requires a $20/monthly subscription.

Xu said his team is meeting with venture capitalists to provide resources to improve the first release of Yodi and encourage user adoption worldwide, including through schools, health insurance programs, behavioral health professionals, social media platforms, and to the general public.

Learn more at or dive in by downloading Yodi from the App Store today.

Now Available for iOS in the App Store.