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Obama’s Ferguson Visit Has to Begin with Listening

Ferguson’s protesters are united in wanting to be heard; not counseled, consoled or seeing Michael Brown’s death continue as a daily backdrop for lawyers, politicians, pundits and others who began looting the community’s sorrow even faster than those who pillaged groceries, liquor and electronics.

Robin Williams as sad clown

Robin Williams: Lightning in the Melody of Laughter

Robin William's greatest contribution may be helping people who are the least trained — the closest of family and friends — learn to help loved ones who are anxious, depressed or struggling with the impact of trauma.

Dad's tombstone

Blue Mountain Doesn’t Send Cards to Heaven

A morning reminder of dad’s upcoming birthday that arrived nearly three years after his death helps me realize my gratitude for a dad I barely knew.

Loving couple

Most Important Thing to Do for Your Relationship

The most important thing you can do for relationships isn’t difficult and is possible for anyone, says an industry leader in marriage and relationship education. Get inspired with 300 examples of loving, affirming words to strengthen the relationships you want to last.

conscious uncoupling

Conscious Uncoupling, Conscious Coupling

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have started a national conversation about the idea of conscious uncoupling. Is the phrase an oxymoron or an important recognition of the price couples and their children pay for marriages that too often end bitterly in courtrooms and law offices?


What Inspires Morgan Freeman?

Actor Morgan Freeman says his life was inspired by the words of this 1927 poem. Let us know what inspires you for a chance to be featured and get a $25 VISA gift card.

America's Marriage Problem

America’s Marriage Problem is Incompetence

America’s marriage problem isn’t race, income, academics, faith, or sexual orientation. It’s incompetence.


Kate Hudson Learned Parenthood from Famous Mom

For Kate Hudson, growing up with two movie stars as Mom and Dad had a marvelous effect on her career and taught her lifelong lessons about motherhood.

Couple watching sports

‘Giving Me a Massage,’ Tops List of Caring Behaviors

Money won’t buy you love, according to a recent survey. Giving a massage and weekends away topped the list of how couples increase their Love Bank balances. Going to the game together and expensive gifts were at the bottom.

PAIRS Relationship Building Apps

Relationship Apps for Conversations that Matter

PAIRS Relationship Apps are designed to guide you, from the privacy of your home or smartphone, to think about issues that are important to you and confide your thoughts, feelings and requests with the significant others who matter most.

overcoming depression

Helping a loved one who is sad or depressed

When someone you care about is feeling sad or depressed, the best thing may be to just listen. Consider these helpful do’s and don’ts to help loved ones when they’re upset.

American Relationship Study

More Than Half of Americans in Happy Relationships

A study of 10,548 people reveals most Americans are ‘satisfied’ or ‘thrilled’ with the quality of their intimate relationships. Less than 20 percent were found to be at high risk for separation or divorce. The study showed a minimal seasonal decline in overall relationship satisfaction from November to January.

Virginia Satir

Supreme Court’s Same Sex Marriage Ruling Just the Beginning for Fixing America’s Marriage Problems

The late Virginia Satir, considered the mother of family therapy, would have turned 97 today. Thirty years ago, she recognized that the basis of marriage had shifted from security, stability and raising children to sustaining love and intimacy — seeds to significant social change. The Supreme Court’s landmark ruling extending equal benefits to married same-sex couples represents a renewed opportunity to tackle America’s real marriage problems.

Seth and Milton Eisenberg

Father’s Day, Parents and Children of Divorce

For children whose parents divorce or stay together in a constant state of crisis, despair or estrangement, celebrating Father’s Day can come with unique challenges. Firsthand words of caution for parents who consider passing negative feelings about a current or former spouse on to their children.

Nicole Ganguzza

Five Years Later: Remembering Nicole Ganguzza

Five years after the death of 26-year-old Nicole Ganguzza, a UCF graduate student and PAIRS instructor, her memory reminds us to fully live, love and treasure life and each other.

Lebron James with U.S. Marine

Heat or Spurs – Tough Call for America’s Soldiers?

The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs face off in Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight at 9PM at Miami’s American Airlines Arena (ABC-TV). Both teams have strong support from the veteran and military community. The Heat have worked especially hard to bring attention and resources to south Florida veterans returning from deployment.

Paul Samaras first chase

Father, Son Die Storm Chasing Passion Together

“At times, I have mixed feelings about chasing storms,” storm chaser Tim Samaras said. “On one hand, they are incredibly beautiful. On the other hand, these powerful storms can create devastating damage that change people’s lives forever.” Tim Samaras, 55, his son Paul Samaras, 24, and colleague Carl Young, 45, were killed chasing a storm in Oklahoma last week.

Paul Tudor Jones

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Says He Subtracts 10-20 Percent from Managers Going Through Divorce

Billionaire hedge fund investor Paul Tudor Jones says he subtracts 10-20 percent from a manager going through divorce. “One of my number one rules as an investor,” Jones told a symposium at the University of Virginia, “is as soon as I find out a manager is going through divorce, redeem immediately.”

Learn to relieve stress and anxiety

Yes, You Can Help Prevent Suicide

Columnist Armstrong Williams struggles with the suicide of a close friend and how to help prevent suicide. That has a lot to do with learning to listen, rather than giving advice, when someone you care about is feeling sad, scared, angry, or hopeless.

Torchmark Closer to the Heart Day of Service

American Income Life Executives Help Homeless Veterans Get Fresh Start During Miami Visit

During a company retreat in Miami, American Income Life executives and their spouses help formerly homeless South Florida Veterans get a fresh start.

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