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A Boy Learns to Use All of His Strength

“I am working so hard to clear this stump. I am getting nowhere,” a son exhorts. “My son, why don’t you use all of your strength,” his father questions.

Madonna and Lola

Mommy is a Rock Star: Fashion by Madonna and Lola

How cool would it be to have your own fashion line with a child or parent? How much better would that be if your mother was Madonna? Check out the Material Girl clothing line.

Alex Eisenberg VCOM White Coat Ceremony

Don Lemon ‘Debrief’ for Parents and Children

Five steps to the Don Lemon debrief to help parents and children stay connected.

April 15th, Tax Returns, and a Beautiful Boy

As Americans focus on filing their taxes on April 15th, a mother reflects on a family journey and a gift so much greater than a tax refund.

Leveling with Toddlers Communicates, “You Matter”

Positive, affirming interactions with toddlers and children in a natural “leveling position” promote safety, connection, and reinforce enduring messages that they are valued and loved.

Michael Cho

The Unexpected Legacy of an American Tiger Mother

The unexpected legacy of an American Tiger Mom is not that Chinese parenting is better. Amy Chua’s memoir of her struggle to protect time-honored traditions while adapting to life in America captures challenges that are as old as America itself.

Jared Loughner Mug Shot

When a Child Kills, Public Blames the Parents

When children kill or hurt others, the public is quick to blame the parents. As parents, we can’t wait for another stabbing, shooting or other tragic event before reaching out to connect, embrace and better understand the children we raise.

365 Days of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t meant to be celebrated just once a year. Couples, families and teams that regularly and naturally share appreciations with each other are happier, stronger, and better able to make the most of life’s challenges and opportunities.

Condoleezza Rice’s Journey and Advice for Our Own

Condoleezza Rice’s parents helped their daughter beat the odds of racial discrimination through hard work and a consistent message about limitless possibilities. Chris Gardner urges readers to be committed everyday to pursuing their passions. Both books, “Extraordinary, Ordinary People” and “Start Where You Are,” offer valuable lessons for today’s parents seeking inspiration and guidance to overcome obstacles.

Bob Weir

Daddy is a Rock Star: Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir

Being the son or daughter of a cultural icon can certainly have its positive and negative effects growing up. But how much does the entertainment industry interfere with a parent’s role? In today’s world, rock stars find new outlets to bond with their sons and daughters. This week’s “Daddy is a Rock Star” features Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir.

Jessica Turnoff Ferrari and Sadie

The Intimate Journey of Home Births

A couple shares about the intimate journey of home birth while experts urge caution. Facing many decisions when expecting a child, couples are finding communication skills, empathy and emotional understanding key to working together and a lasting gift to their children.

Motherhood DVDs for Family Entertainment

Children need their mothers. Growing up without a mother’s active, positive involvement, love and guidance can leave a lifetime of scars. This week, we review Hollywood’s comedic portrayals of Motherhood. Here’s a roundup of delightful motherhood DVDs for the whole family to enjoy.

Keeping young people safe during summer vacation

Studies show parents key to helping children avoid risky sexual activities during summer school recess

For many parents, families, and young people, the summer school recess is a time to unwind after a busy year of classes, assignments and tests. For many adolescents, it’s a period of increased pressures to engage in behaviors that can have a lifelong impact. As youngsters nationwide approach a break from school, parents have a vital role to play helping their children avoid risky sexual behaviors that can lead to teenage pregnancy, STDs, HIV/AIDS, abortion, and other consequences with lasting repercussions.

Will Your Apple Love You Back?

Technology built into Apple devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad can be a great boost to learning, entertainment, and productivity. It can also be a place to disappear from real-life, human interactions in favor of the seduction of the virtual world that emerges from limitless possibilities offered through thousands of apps and other downloads. Millions of people love their Apples. A deeper question is “Will your Apple love you back?”

Getting Real in 2010

Understanding the importance of bonding — the unique combination of emotional openness and physical closeness with another human being — has led to a paradigm shift that has powerfully influenced our understanding of human development and behavior. The results have included significant changes in birthing practices, physical and mental health treatments, recovery and wellness programs, care for seniors, parenting, fatherhood and marriage education, immigrant absorption, and even rehabilitation and re-entry of convicts. In fact, the more we understand about the human need for bonding and the symptoms of deprivation, the more we’re discovering about its connection to many of society’s most urgent challenges.

Twenty Eight Days of Fatherhood

A son born into the digital, wired, 21st century world that witnesses daily technological breakthroughs reminds his father that nothing is more powerful than the grip of a baby’s tender grasp, quiet breathe, or gentle smile.

Dr. Shirley Johnson

Relationship Skills Training Helps Prevent Teen Pregnancies

A recent study by the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation shows that helping teenagers improve communication skills, emotional understanding, and healthy conflict resolution is key to reducing teen pregnancies.

Children Learn What They Live

The understanding that children learn enduring life lessons much more from the actions of their parents, as opposed to their words (especially when their words and actions don’t match), has inspired generations of mothers and fathers to learn the skills and create environments that offer their children the greatest opportunity for happiness, fulfillment, and success.

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