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More Singles are Showing Up for Marriage Education

Greater numbers of singles are turning up at marriage education and relationship skills classes. A new study explains why and reveals potential cost saving benefits for state and federal policy-makers.

Formerly homeless veterans

New Approaches Help Veterans Maintain Housing

The Veterans Administration’s $50 million Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) grant aims at funding innovative approaches and replicable best practices to alleviate and prevent homelessness among very low-income veterans. While nearly 131,000 veterans are today homeless on any given night, new strategies offer hope for the future.

North Dakota Bill Calls for Divorce Impact Study

A North Dakota bill that sought to delay divorces and require marriage counseling or mediation now asks for an interim state study to examine the physical, emotional and financial impact of divorces involving dependent children.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fans

For Many, Super Bowl is Serious as a Heart Attack

Fans cheering for the losing team are more likely to suffer heart attacks after Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. Making time to “empty the emotional jug” before, during or after the game can help.

College sex survey

Texas Study Finds 237 Reasons People Have Sex

Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin wanted to know why people have sex. They came up with 237 reasons.

Five-Year Roadmap for Marriage Education

A five-year roadmap for the field of relationship and marriage education on behalf of a world in which all children are safe, loved, and able to pursue life’s promise and potential.

State of our Unions: When Marriage Disappears

State of Our Unions: Marriage is in Trouble

In Middle America, marriage is in trouble, according to a new report on the state of our unions. Among the affluent, marriage is stable and appears to be getting even stronger. Among the poor, marriage continues to be fragile and weak.

Condom Use Rates by Age & Gender

Should Teens Be Teaching Parents About Safe Sex?

While drugs such as Pfizer’s Viagra have enabled millions to increase sexual activity, older men are far less likely to engage in safe sex than teens and young adults. Reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS must include strategies for strengthening relationship satisfaction, pleasure, and fulfillment.

PAIRS Passion Scale

The Surprising Secret to the Best Sex Ever

Indiana University’s recent National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior revealed changing behaviors when it comes to America’s sex life in the age of Viagra. A study by PAIRS Foundation was even more revealing when it comes to the surprising secrets to great sex.

Patricia Merrill

I Am ME: Patricia Merrill, Tucson, Arizona

“I Am ME” profiles individuals and couples who are touching the lives of families and children in communities throughout the nation through Marriage Education. This week, Fatherhood Channel features Patricia Merrill of Arizona Youth Partnership in Tucson.

Carol Nigri MCH Dan Marino Center

Foundation of Success for Children with Autism

Claire and Dan Marino have helped thousands of children with autism and other special needs have the greatest opportunity to fulfill their potential through the MCH Dan Marino Center in Weston, Florida. Beyond comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services, helping parents of children with special needs strengthen their relationship with each other is vital to success.

Marriage: What To Do About I Do

Marriage: What’s It Good For?

TIME’s feature, “Marriage: What’s It Good For?,” reports that marriage is not as necessary as it used to be. PAIRS CEO Seth Eisenberg argues it’s not marriage that’s broken, but that couples haven’t learned the new rules of love and intimacy.

Abigail Elizabeth Mary

Mom and Daughter, 11, Team Up to Strengthen Military Families During Combat Deployment

While dad is away on his fourth military deployment, wife, Mary, and daughter, Abigail, 11, are teaming up to help other children and families strengthen relationships at home and with parents serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Velcro love

Marriage, Commitment and Velcro Relationships

Surveys reveal that young adults and teens are increasingly apprehensive about marriage. Is velcro becoming the fabric of relationships?

Valentine's Day breakups

Instead of Asking Local Tween, Journalist Creeped 10,000 Facebook Profiles to Produce Riveting Study

Instead of checking with a local tween, a British journalist creeped 10,000 Facebook profiles to figure out when couples are most likely to break-up. How can you avoid finding yourself included in a future study?

Few Married Couples Disagree on Politics

Nearly 90 percent of married respondents to the Elections and Families Survey said they fully or mostly agreed with family members about the candidates they’d support. Do family conversations about politics impact voting decisions?

Family Conversations and Voting

Midterm Voters Personally Happy, Enjoy Talking Politics, and Get Family Members to Polls Too

An Election Day survey of more than 8,700 adults showed families talking about politics at home most often agree with each other, are likely to vote early, and are generally happy with their lives.

Elections and Families Survey

How did family conversations influence voting decisions in the 2010 midterm elections? is offering a chance to win a free iPod Touch to adults living in the U.S. who share their experiences through a brief, online survey.

Older couple eating together

Young Couples Know Each Other Best

A study looks at how well long-term couples know each other. For older couples, findings reveal there may be some truth to the joke, “How do you tell the married couples in a restaurant? They’re the ones not talking to each other.”


Pew Study Reveals Reversal of Marital Patterns

A recent national study reveals a reversal in long-standing marital patterns. College educated young adults are now more likely to have married by the age of 30 than those without a bachelor’s degree. The study also found a strong connection between education and the likelihood of divorce.

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