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Study Shows Young Men Becoming More Vulnerable

couple in conflict
A study says men are becoming more vulnerable to romantic ups and downs.

“The perception is that young men are unfeeling when it comes to relationships, and that all they want is to have sex …  findings reveal that they are emotionally involved, and that they actually benefit more from the good parts of the relationship and are more harmed by the bad than women.”

~ Professor Robin Simon
Wake Forest University


Madonna Behen reports for Businessweek that young males are feeling the ups and downs of relationships more deeply than young women

“Young men are often portrayed as insensitive players with a ‘love ’em and leave ’em‘ attitude toward the opposite sex, but a new study suggests that they are actually more vulnerable to the emotional ups and downs of romantic relationships than young women.”

A researcher said young men might be more vulnerable to the ups and downs of a romance because in many cases it’s their sole source of intimacy, whereas “young women are more likely to have a variety of different types of close relationships.”

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