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I Am ME: Helen Gallen, LMSW, Augusta, Georgia

Helen Gallen, LMSW, feels a special commitment to families impacted by combat deployment. The Tulane graduate says leading marriage enrichment retreats for veterans and their spouses through the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center has helped her contribute to the lives of those who have served America and provided a priceless gift for her own marriage.

Sargent Shriver’s Personal Contribution

While Sargent Shriver’s work, passions, and family were changing the world, he always made time to share a kind word, enjoy, appreciate, and nurture the wonder of children. Over the years that I’ve paused to reach out to thousands of youngsters, my early experiences with Sargent Shriver remain a lasting example of the difference we can make in a moment of kindness.

Online PAIRS Class Teaches Skills for Lasting Love

When it comes to love and intimacy, the trial and error approach too often comes at a very high price. PAIRS Essentials is a research-validated, educational program that has helped thousands of couples create and sustain lasting, joyful, love relationships. The ten-hour class will be offered online over four consecutive Thursdays beginning January 27th. Space is limited.