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At 42, NFL Cheerleader Laura Vikmanis Dreams Big


Laura Vikmanis, 42, the NFL’s oldest cheerleader, delights Bengals fans on the field while inspiring and training women in her Dayton, Ohio suburb to make their dreams come true.

Laura Vikmanis
Laura Vikmanis on the field.

Laura Vikmanis, 42, is the NFL’s oldest cheerleader. The Springboro, Ohio mother of two – daughters, Lila, 14, and Alexa, 12 – says she sees herself as a role model.

“I look at myself as a role model for my children to show them no matter what age or dream you have, you can work really hard and achieve it,” Vikmanis says

Laura earned her Bachelors in Dietetics and Food Administration from Cal State, Long Beach and works full-time as a dietician and personal trainer. She lives just blocks away from the Coffman YMCA in Springboro, where the state-of-the-art health and wellness center, two full size gymnasiums, and 75’ indoor pool offers plenty of support for staying in top shape.

In a league in which the average cheerleader is 20 years her junior, Laura Vikmanis’ is an inspiration to do what it takes to make our dreams come true too.

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