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Online PAIRS Class Teaches Skills for Lasting Love


When it comes to love and intimacy, the trial and error approach too often comes at a very high price. PAIRS Essentials is a research-validated, educational program that has helped thousands of couples create and sustain lasting, joyful, love relationships. The ten-hour class will be offered online over four consecutive Thursdays beginning January 27th. Space is limited.

“A safe, loving environment to help you build even more loving relationships to those you care about with tools you can use every day.”

Dick Millspaugh
Chief of Chaplain Services
VA San Diego Healthcare System

by Seth Eisenberg

When it comes to love and intimacy, the trial and error approach too often comes at a very high price. For many couples, especially when one or both partners experienced the breakup of their own parents, within a few years, the dreams and passion that brought them together can quickly become a distant memory.

That’s rarely because of bad intentions or a sign that a relationship is fundamentally doomed. More often, it’s about good people making poor choices when it comes to working through typical relationship challenges because they aren’t aware of better options.

Skills training can be the difference between happiness, fulfillment, and lasting love, living a life of silent desperation, or beginning the process over again with a new person – most often to get to the same place again within months or years.

Decades of research has taught us much about what couples in great relationships share in common. From how they communicate, work through differences, understand emotions in themselves and others, demonstrate empathy, and stay a pleasure in each others’ lives, the skills for successful relationships are not difficult for people who are open to learning and growing.

The reason so many marriages break-up is because most couples never had the chance to learn skills for creating and sustaining lasting love. For many, the challenge is compounded by career training that teaches skills that may promote success at work while having the opposite impact on love relationships.

PAIRS Essentials is a research-validated, educational approach that has helped thousands of couples and singles create lives where their most cherished wishes, hopes and dreams have the best chance of coming true. Follow-up evaluations, including diverse participants in all stages of relationship, regularly confirm that sustaining relationships based on love and intimacy is a skill that can be learned.

While the best way to learn and practice relationship skills is in-person with the guidance of a competent, licensed facilitator, many couples do not have that opportunity. In response, the intensive PAIRS Essentials class is offered online several times a year so people anywhere in the world have a chance to learn from our national faculty from the comfort, privacy, and convenience of home.

The next class begins Thursday, January 27, 2011, and will meet from 6:00-8:30PM EST for four consecutive weeks. Tuition is $195 for the full four-week program, including materials, a graduation certificate, and 30 minutes of private one-on-one coaching by a PAIRS Trainer.

Space is limited. For more information, contact Rachel Schindler at (877) 724-7748 x80, e-mail, or register online at


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