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Intimacy’s Secret Hopes and Fears

“Seen this sky from the Afghan mountains, deserts of Iraq, Sinai and Saudi Arabia. Plenty of other places too. Even on the worst of days, it’s always been my place of peace,” Mike said. The pair sat in silence for a few minutes, quietly acknowledging the beauty and solitude in which they were embraced. Realizing the 15-minute break was about to end, the instructor broke the silence.

Relationship Skills Classes Gaining Traction

More and more couples are participating in marriage education and relationship skills training. Two recent studies provide strong scientific evidence that brief educational programs deliver lasting improvements in marital satisfaction, resilience, and can prevent divorce.


YMCA Bets Happier Teams Scores Big with Members

With budgets tighter than ever, YMCA executives are betting happier employees who understand emotions in themselves and others will be more satisfied with their jobs and better able to exceed customer expectations.

libya protest

Curtain Closing on Threat and Reward Model

As the Middle East continues to erupt in protest, people are demanding “person equals person” as the foundation of their relationship with governments and each other.

Formerly homeless veterans

New Approaches Help Veterans Maintain Housing

The Veterans Administration’s $50 million Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) grant aims at funding innovative approaches and replicable best practices to alleviate and prevent homelessness among very low-income veterans. While nearly 131,000 veterans are today homeless on any given night, new strategies offer hope for the future.

Skills Help Couples Balance Work and Family

President Obama spoke out this week on the challenges couples face balancing work and family life. While workers may not always be able to influence company policies, research shows that improving communication skills, emotional understanding, and the ability to work through typical marital conflicts helps couples boost the bottom line at home and for their employers.

Kendrick and Leslie Meek: Power of Partnership

Congressman Kendrick Meek demonstrates the power of technology and partnership to connect with constituents. Reprinted from Redefining Relationships.

Five steps and strategies for dealing with bullying

Strategies and tips for people living, learning, playing, or working with a bully.

PAIRS DTR for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

PAIRS DTR App Keeps Couples, Families, and Friends Connected through iPhone and Facebook

PAIRS DTR, a free iPhone app available today from iTunes, helps couples, families, parents, and friends strengthen relationships. Developed by the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation, a leader in relationship skills training, PAIRS DTR for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad guides users through a practical, five-step communication exercise that can be posted on Facebook or shared by e-mail.

Liberty City boys

Hope for the Children of Liberty City and America

Their eyes still sparkle with the innocence of youth; their eager smiles and endearing manners invite understanding and empathy. For many of these children, behind their eyes, smiles and natural charm are traumatic images, memories, and anxieties that rob them daily of the carefree joys of childhood. These children do not live in Haiti or anywhere else that is the focus of global campaigns for urgent public support, rescue and contribution. They live in Miami-Dade’s Liberty City, minutes from Florida’s southern capitals of relative wealth, abundance, and extravagance. Over the past month, a team of instructors and research staff from PAIRS Foundation had the privilege of working with the fourth and fifth graders of Liberty City Elementary School, sharing practical skills and strategies for better understanding themselves and others, deepening empathy, expressing emotions, resolving differences and conflicts, and caring for the relationships they cherish.

Dr. Shirley Johnson

Relationship Skills Training Helps Prevent Teen Pregnancies

A recent study by the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation shows that helping teenagers improve communication skills, emotional understanding, and healthy conflict resolution is key to reducing teen pregnancies.

Amanda Falciglia

Relationship Skills Training Can Dramatically Improve Quality of Life for Millions of Families and Children

Relationship skills training founded on emotional literacy, empathy and bonding has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of American couples, families, and children. PAIRS Foundation experience with diverse populations — from prisoner re-entry to individuals recovering from addictions, the formerly homeless, families struggling to overcome poverty, new immigrants, expectant parents, adoptive families, couples impacted by a spouse’s combat deployment, couples raising special needs children, couples considering separation or divorce, and others in all stages of relationship consistently demonstrates a lasting, positive impact of evidence-based relationship skills education.

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