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Obama’s Ferguson Visit Has to Begin with Listening

Ferguson’s protesters are united in wanting to be heard; not counseled, consoled or seeing Michael Brown’s death continue as a daily backdrop for lawyers, politicians, pundits and others who began looting the community’s sorrow even faster than those who pillaged groceries, liquor and electronics.

Robin Williams as sad clown

Robin Williams: Lightning in the Melody of Laughter

Robin William's greatest contribution may be helping people who are the least trained — the closest of family and friends — learn to help loved ones who are anxious, depressed or struggling with the impact of trauma.

Learn to relieve stress and anxiety

Yes, You Can Help Prevent Suicide

Columnist Armstrong Williams struggles with the suicide of a close friend and how to help prevent suicide. That has a lot to do with learning to listen, rather than giving advice, when someone you care about is feeling sad, scared, angry, or hopeless.


Mitt Helps Tagg Romney Empty His Emotional Jug

Tadd Romney’s threat to “take a swing” at President Obama following Tuesday’s Presidential debate may be a sign his “emotional jug” is leaking. Here’s a chance for Mitt Romney to offer his oldest son some relief and a helpful exercise for the rest of us too.

Father and son confiding

Are You Hearing Everything But Each Other?

Is technology helping couples and families hear everything but each other? An exercise from a leading relationship and marriage education program helps make it safe to confide emotions.

It Gets Better Begins with Listening

When someone you love has experienced a traumatic or stressful event, listening is much more important than talking. It Gets Better begins with listening. Following these four steps may save a life.

Emotionally Hijacked

Fed Up Flight Attendant Pops His Emotional Jug

Shouldn’t a true role model working as a flight attendant have used practical skills to deal with an agitated passenger? Curious after reading about Steven Slater’s ride down the emergency slide, I checked in with experts at PAIRS Foundation to learn more about how the upset worker could have successfully dealt with the frustrating situation, rather than losing his cool and, possibly, his career.

the gift of listening with empathy

Learning to Listen with Empathy Deepens Love

Is technology helping couples and families hear everything but each other? Learning to listen with empathy deepens love and makes it safe for others to confide.

couple in conflict

Good news for helping police strengthen marriages

Law enforcement, military and others involved in protecting America’s neighborhoods, security, and borders learn powerful skills to be effective in their careers. Sadly, those same skills that enable many to keep our nation’s homes, families and children safe too often cause these professionals to lose their own. For children especially, the price of that sacrifice may be paid over the course of their lives. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. With a fraction of the effort and time it takes to develop skills to succeed in protecting our communities and nation, police officers, soldiers and others involved in security fields can learn practical skills and strategies for succeeding as husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.

Five steps and strategies for dealing with bullying

Strategies and tips for people living, learning, playing, or working with a bully.

PAIRS Emotional Jug

A Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

For many, the most meaningful gift we can give each other is the gift of listening with empathy, with our heart. Learning to listen with empathy to those closest to us is a gift that offers a lifetime of rewards.

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