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Appreciations aren't meant to be kept secret.

Appreciations Go a Long Way to Strengthening Relationships

Couples and families who create a habit of appreciating each other tend to be happier, healthier and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

Loving couple

Most Important Thing to Do for Your Relationship

The most important thing you can do for relationships isn’t difficult and is possible for anyone, says an industry leader in marriage and relationship education. Get inspired with 300 examples of loving, affirming words to strengthen the relationships you want to last.

happy family on a picnic

Best Relationship Advice Ever: Express Appreciations

Two hundred examples of what real couples appreciate about each other and their relationships along with tips for times when you can’t find anything right to say.

travel and family

Valuable Travel Companion When Work Has You Away from Family, Friends

PAIRS DTR can be a frequent flyer’s most valuable traveling companion to stay connected with kids, spouse, friends and other loved ones when work takes you away.


Carmageddon’s Gift for Detoured Couples, Families

As Carmageddon began, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their own marriage detour. For the 60-75% of Southern California couples approaching their own relationship bumps and off-ramps, Carmageddon may be just what the doctor ordered.

April 15th, Tax Returns, and a Beautiful Boy

As Americans focus on filing their taxes on April 15th, a mother reflects on a family journey and a gift so much greater than a tax refund.


Justin Timberlake No Match for Three-Year Glitch

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were no match for the three-year glitch. If you’re on a date with Jessica, Justin or anyone else, here’s a way to find out in less than three years if your budding romance is likely to last.

Daily Temperature Reading

Five Steps for Building a Connected Community

The Daily Temperature Reading helps teams stay motivated and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Communities for formerly homeless adults are using the Daily Temperature Reading to strengthen relationships among neighbors.

Super Bowl XLV 2011

Best Super Bowl Recipe for Friends and Family

You’ve already got everything you need to cook up the best recipe for friends and family during Sunday’s NFL Super Bowl.

Seth Eisenberg Family

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Won’t Cost You a Dime

The best Valentine’s Day gift this year won’t cost you a dime. It will be one of the most important things you’ll ever do for yourself and your family.

365 Days of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t meant to be celebrated just once a year. Couples, families and teams that regularly and naturally share appreciations with each other are happier, stronger, and better able to make the most of life’s challenges and opportunities.

Andrea and Alvaro

Long Distance Romance: Keeping the Flame Alive

Long distance relationships are a challenge for millions of couples. As they began their college studies this year, Andrea and Alvaro have continued their relationship with commitment, imagination, and many of the new tools that help couples keep the flame of romance alive when miles keep them apart.

Can An iPhone App Save Your Marriage?

TIME Magazine asks, “Can an iPhone App Save Your Marriage?” in today’s online edition. The article by Editor-at-Large Belinda Luscombe features PAIRS DTR.

Thanksgiving Family Survival Guide

Thanksgiving Family Survival Guide – Part 2

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and celebration, but for many, it’s also a period of added stress and anxiety. This second installment of our Thanksgiving Family Survival Guide looks at five steps for ensuring your Thanksgiving celebration is one all of your guests will long cherish and remember.

Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Partnership Vital for Child’s Success

A child’s success in school often hinges on the partnership parents form with teachers. Recent articles and a five-step communications tool, known as the Daily Temperature Reading, help parents and teachers work together and make the best use of Parent Teacher conferences.

Inspiring human potential at home and work

Just 45 percent of workers are satisfied with their jobs according to a recent national study by the Conference Board, the lowest number ever recorded. What can you do to make your office a great place to work? These five steps will help you get started.

Teenagers prefer text to talk

Texting among teens has grown dramatically in the past 18 months with a record 88% of teen cell phone users now regularly using mobile devices to message friends and helping eliminate the digital divide. Many parents are lagging behind when it comes to staying connected with their teenagers through text messaging and other advanced cell phone features. A “next practice” from one of the world’s leading relationship skills training programs encourages parents to build stronger relationships with their teenagers through an innovative, free iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad app.

appreciating administrative professionals

Shared appreciations boost morale, success

Much has changed in the daily life of administrative professionals and support staff over the past 58 years since the International Association of Administrative Professionals began sponsoring Administrative Professionals Week. From mailings and phones, checkouts to banking, information distribution, analysis, customer development, and many areas in between, modern technology has taken over many of the traditional tasks that are vital to successful businesses and organizations, large and small. High levels of employee involvement in decision making, adequate training, an environment where it is safe for employees to speak up, or speak their mind freely have been shown to increase levels of employee satisfaction.

PAIRS DTR for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

PAIRS DTR App Keeps Couples, Families, and Friends Connected through iPhone and Facebook

PAIRS DTR, a free iPhone app available today from iTunes, helps couples, families, parents, and friends strengthen relationships. Developed by the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation, a leader in relationship skills training, PAIRS DTR for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad guides users through a practical, five-step communication exercise that can be posted on Facebook or shared by e-mail.

Life lessons for a visionary team

PAIRS team members meet weekly to share Appreciations, New Information, Puzzles, Concerns with Recommendations, and Wishes, Hopes and Dreams. This week, Sanford Rosenthal helped the team learn valuable life lessons that deepened our appreciation for our own resources and abilities and helped us better understand the challenges people with disabilities face daily.

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