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PAIRS DTR can be a frequent flyer’s most valuable traveling companion to stay connected with kids, spouse, friends and other loved ones when work takes you away.

Whether you’re getting ready to check-in at Marriott, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Hilton, or Hampton Inn, your most valuable travel companion may be the five steps known as the “DTR,” or Daily Temperature Reading. Minutes of undistracted time in a DTR will keep you connected with kids, spouse, friends and other loved ones when work pulls you away from home field.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for a single night or a frequent flyer settling in for a week or more at a Courtyard, Days Inn, Quality Inn, Sheraton, or Ramada, DTRing will keep you close to the loved ones you can’t snuggle up to or tuck-in tonight.

The DTR includes just five steps that have been taught to tens of thousands of couples around the world in PAIRS evidence-based marriage and relationship education classes.

Ten to 15 minutes DTRing will send love and virtual hugs to those you’re missing. If you’re lucky, you’ll start waking up or going to sleep with DTR’s from loved ones waiting in your inbox.

For many, getting used to the DTR when traveling means you’ll be even more connected to family and friends when you get home. Relationship pros say continuing to DTR in person will boost open communication, problem-solving, and intimacy in ways that have helped many others create more love and happiness in their closest relationships.

The DTR takes just minutes of time and attention; costs nothing more than your smartphone or laptop airtime; and, can be priceless when it comes to strengthening love and intimacy.

Online and ready to give kids, spouse or friends 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted time? Head over to to get started.