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Best Super Bowl Recipe for Friends and Family

Super Bowl XLV 2011

You’ve already got everything you need to cook up the best recipe for friends and family during Sunday's Steelers-Packers NFL Super Bowl match-up.


You’ve already got everything you need to cook up the best recipe for friends and family during the NFL Super Bowl.

Sunday’s big game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers is sure to score big with men, women and children of all ages. Last year’s Super Bowl drew 106 million viewers, an all-time record. New Orleans won 31-17. Advertisers, NFL Football, and Fox Sports executives are betting they’ll beat that record this year when the Steelers face off against the Packers Sunday at 6:30pm Eastern.

Many will be watching the expensive ads as much as the game. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch, Pizza Hut and Mars are spending millions to boost purchases and consumer loyalty. Audi, Chrysler, GM, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, and Volkswagon will be pushing new models, incentives, and clever scripts, including Kia’s “One Epic Ride” that includes a police officer, space aliens, and Poseidon all trying to get behind the wheel of a new Optima.

While fans are already hitting local stores to stock up on soft drinks, beer, chips, wings, pizza, barbecue, and plenty of Dixie cups, the best Super Bowl recipe doesn’t require any food. Whether you cook this up before the game or turn off the television during the Black Eyed Peas repeat Super Bowl performance, here are five ingredients developed by Virginia Satir for a winning Super Bowl recipe:

Appreciations: Take turns letting friends and family members know what you appreciate about them. Be sincere and specific.

New Information: After you’ve all shared some appreciations, let each other know what’s new in your life.

Puzzles: Next, ask each other about anything you’ve been wondering that they might be able to answer. You know what happens when you “ass-u-me,” so don’t.

Concerns with Recommendations: What’s getting in the way of more pleasure, connection and love in our relationships with each other? If you’ve got a concern about a specific behavior, say what it is without blaming anyone, include how you feel about it, and ask for what you want instead.

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams: Whether you’re wishing the Packers or Steelers take the trophy, hoping for a day, weekend or summer vacation, dreaming to get that interview, promotion, ace the test, or anything else, say it and be sure to listen carefully to the wishes, hopes and dreams of the people you love.


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