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Coronavirus fears of death inspiring some to embrace the living — from a distance


As Coronavirus brings the fear of death out of the shadows, couples are having important conversations to become more connected and loving. “The 14-Day Class Couples Playbook” is guiding some through the crisis. The results can make a difference long into the future.

Helping connect with loved ones through coronavirus isolation
Lonely man in the middle of a white heart shaped void surrounded by people on white background.

What I will miss about you…

The good times I’ll remember…

What I wish I had told you…

~ The 14-Day Class Couples Playbook

Those are just a few of the conversations couples are having in response to COVID-19. Talking with loved ones about topics from health to work, money, family, and more is helping strengthen relationships in the face of the global pandemic.

In their segments together, brothers Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo, the CNN anchor and New York Governor, are modeling conversations families are having throughout the world as the novel coronavirus takes hold and impacts every community.

“Embracing that potential [of conversations that matter], even while social distancing keeps us from embracing each other, will make a difference for generations.”

~ Seth Eisenberg

For many, it takes a crisis to bring life’s fragile nature to light. That’s a gift that shows up in more love, joy, and connection to who and what we value most. The opportunity of these conversations that matter is having them when we can — not putting them off and missing the experiences of deeper closeness, understanding, and intimacy. Embracing that potential, even while social distancing keeps us from embracing each other, will make a difference for generations.

The 14-Day Class Couples Playbook is part of Purpose Built Families Foundation’s response to the pressures crisis puts on couples and marriages. Purpose Built Families is a nationally-accredited nonprofit with unique expertise serving veteran and military families. We’re putting that experience to work as widely as we can to help families and the children who count on them to weather the new normal we’re all grappling to find.

A free Kindle version is available this weekend from Amazon.

Look at what happens in the months after a crisis passes. The most lasting impact is often measured through spikes in divorce, domestic violence, incarceration, poverty, homelessness, and suicide. Much of that can be prevented by strengthening families throughout a crisis that puts enormous stress on relationships.

Beyond immediate actions to protect our physical health, few things are more important than strengthening our closest relationships.

It’s a good time to get started discovering what’s possible in the days, years, or decades we’re given. The 14-Day Class can help.

Seth Eisenberg is President/CEO of Purpose Built Families Foundation in Pembroke Pines, Florida. He is a national trainer and author of PAIRS Essentials, Warrior to Soul Mate, PAIRS for PEERS, and other educational programs that have helped thousands strengthen relationships. His work has been recognized as best practices for improving connections between family, friends, and social supports, and for their contributions to marriage enrichment for veteran families impacted by trauma.