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marriage education

Landmark study finds skills training improves marriage happiness, but doesn’t reduce divorce

A landmark national study of 9,363 low-income, married men and women in eight American cities found many of those who participated in 30 hours of skills training classes were more likely to have boosts in relationship happiness and marital stability sustained 30 months later.

conscious uncoupling

Conscious Uncoupling, Conscious Coupling

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have started a national conversation about the idea of conscious uncoupling. Is the phrase an oxymoron or an important recognition of the price couples and their children pay for marriages that too often end bitterly in courtrooms and law offices?

100000 Facebook Fans

PAIRS Foundation Tops 100,000 Facebook Fans

More than 100,000 people are now connected to PAIRS Foundation on Facebook.

College station couple jailed

Texas couples’ hard, expensive lesson about intimacy leads to jail and bail

Romance and intimacy isn’t supposed to lead to jail, news coverage, bail money and a pending court appearance. But that’s exactly what happened to a College Station, Texas couple Friday.

Five Freedoms Helping Veterans Overcome Reintegration Challenges at Home and Work

An innovative initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is helping Veterans overcome challenges reintegrating into their homes, communities and civilian jobs.


Studies Offer Insights into Value, Principles of Evidence-Based Relationship Skills Training

Virginia Satir, known as the “Mother of Family Therapy,” and Dr. Marty Sullivan, a pioneer of Duke University’s Integrative Medicine program, were among the earliest innovators in their fields to integrate relationship skills training into modern approaches to promoting health and wellness. Findings from a five-year federally funded study provide significant evidence validating the models they embraced.

Narayanan Krishnan

A Message of Compassion Echoes Across the World

Narayanan Krishnan gave up a lucrative career as a chef to feed the homeless. His message and example of human compassion echoes throughout the world.

Debra Greene

I Am ME: Dr. Debra Greene, Maui, Hawaii

“I Am ME” profiles individuals and couples who are touching the lives of families and children in communities throughout the nation through Marriage Education. This week, Fatherhood Channel features Debra Greene, Ph.D., of Maui, Hawaii.

Thea Vidale

Comedian Thea Vidale Planning Gastric Bypass

Thea Vidale, the famous comedian and actress, says she’ll have gastric bypass surgery. For Vidale and the 140,000 others undergoing the procedure each year, lasting success is often closely tied to the health of close relationships.

Marriage education

Marriage Education’s Roadmap for Relationships

This month, more than a hundred federally funded relationship and marriage education programs offered nationwide began their fifth, and possibly, final year. Evidence-based programs available across the country and online deliver powerful, practical skills that are making a lasting difference to many couples, families and their children.

Special Needs Children and Preventing Divorce with PAIRS

Married with Special Needs Children

Broken marriages within families of special needs children can be a momentous blow on the kids. Fortunately, brief relationship skills training has been effective helping couples dealing with high levels of stress strengthen marriages and families.

Emotional Openness

What’s Mom Making for Dinner? Ask Google.

When it comes to the Internet, preventing fraud and theft are good reasons for keeping secrets. But when it comes to intimate relationships, experts encourage open communication as the foundation for success.

PAIRS Fatherhood Programs

When Living Apart, Skills Help Dads Stay Connected

Dads who live apart from their children face unique challenges building and sustaining strong relationships. Their success will forever impact their childrens’ lives and their own. Skills such as the PAIRS Daily Temperature Reading have helped thousands of dads stay connected with their sons and daughters.

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