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Robin Williams as sad clown

Robin Williams: Lightning in the Melody of Laughter

Robin William's greatest contribution may be helping people who are the least trained — the closest of family and friends — learn to help loved ones who are anxious, depressed or struggling with the impact of trauma.

overcoming depression

Helping a loved one who is sad or depressed

When someone you care about is feeling sad or depressed, the best thing may be to just listen. Consider these helpful do’s and don’ts to help loved ones when they’re upset.

Learn to relieve stress and anxiety

Yes, You Can Help Prevent Suicide

Columnist Armstrong Williams struggles with the suicide of a close friend and how to help prevent suicide. That has a lot to do with learning to listen, rather than giving advice, when someone you care about is feeling sad, scared, angry, or hopeless.

Raising Sons Who Don’t Become Killers

As America searches for answers after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and President Obama proposes an assault weapons ban, raising sons who don’t become killers also depends on helping them understand and safely express painful emotions.

Charlotte Michie and Seth Eisenberg

Charlotte Michie: A Good Relationship with Your Spouse is Foundation for Having it All

“Relationships are everything,” says Charlotte Michie, a Cary, North Carolina marriage and family therapist. “If you have a good relationship with your spouse, you have it all even if you are sick and without money.” Next month, with assistance from her husband of 34 years, Charlotte will begin offering evidence-based, skills building weekends to help couples learn to create and sustain happy, successful marriages.

overcoming depression

When Someone You Care About is Sad or Depressed

Too often we say the wrong thing when someone we love is sad, scared, angry or depressed. Learn a practical, usable skill to help bring relief to a loved one who is experiencing emotional pain.

Stress, depression and the holidays: 10 tips for coping from the Mayo Clinic

Stress and depression can ruin your holidays and hurt your health. Being realistic, planning ahead and seeking support can help ward off stress and depression.

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