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Family, Marriage, Fatherhood Education

March 10 – 13, 2010 in Weston, Florida

Hyatt Bonaventure
PAIRS Four-Day Level One Professional Training will take place March 10-13, 2010 at the Hyatt Bonaventure Resort and Spa, located minutes from Fort Lauderdale Airport. Reconnect with your passion for making a difference for couples, marriages, families and improving the lives of children by becoming trained to bring PAIRS to your community.

Escape to a remarkable 23-acre retreat at the luxurious Bonaventure Resort & Spa in Weston, Florida (minutes from Fort Lauderdale airport) for four days of professional training on the best practice in marriage enrichment. Immerse yourself in powerful, proven, experiential curricula that deliver lasting benefits for participants in marriage, fatherhood and family education programs.

Pioneering Approach

PAIRS Training with the 101st Airborne Division
Trainers Seth Eisenberg and Lauren DelGandio deliver PAIRS Essentials class at weekend retreat for hundreds of deploying Soldiers and their spouses in Nashville. Following the program, 99% of participants said they would recommend PAIRS.

PAIRS brief, intensive educational programs have empowered tens of thousands worldwide through transformational experiences and practical skills for enhanced communication, emotional connection, bonding, attachment, and healthy conflict resolution.

Built on the visionary work of pioneers in education, counseling, social work, and psychology such as Virginia Satir, Dr. Daniel Casriel, George Bach, and Lori Gordon, PAIRS offers a powerful road map to creating and sustaining loving, intimate relationships that are the foundation for happiness, pleasure and success.

Evidence-based, Best Practices

PAIRS Class for Liberty City Youth
PAIRS classes are helping revitalize inner city neighborhoods with classes for youth, parents, schools and community leaders.

Learn to teach evidence-based programs, such as PAIRS Essentials, PAIRS for Life, and PAIRS for PEERS, which capture the imagination and inspire participation from highly diverse audiences. From couples in crisis, urban and rural families, inner city youth, active duty, guard and reserve families impacted by combat deployment, prisoner re-entry, expectant parents, fathers, adoptive families, premarital couples, new immigrants, and many others, PAIRS consistently delivers a research–validated approach for navigating the challenges, miracles, and opportunities of love relationships.

Marketing, Recruitment, Teaching Strategies

PAIRS national faculty members Seth Eisenberg, Lauren DelGandio and Francisco Robledo have personally delivered classes to thousands of participants, in English and Spanish, winning acclaim through the highest levels of evaluation and program excellence. Learn marketing, recruitment, retention and teaching tips directly from PAIRS Trainers who have successfully launched and led community-wide programs within highly diverse environments.

Collaborate in Pursuing State/Federal Grants

PAIRS at Villa Aurora
PAIRS partnerships with neighborhood and faith-based organizations such as Carrfour Supportive Housing enable delivery of programs that transform communities.

Explore opportunities to tap into state and federal grant funding for community wide healthy marriage, family, fatherhood, military, and re-entry  initiatives, including strategies for partnership development, grant writing, research, and project management.

Don’t miss the chance to escape to magnificent south Florida next month for this exceptional personal and professional training opportunity. Reconnect with your passion for making a difference for couples, families and improving the well-being of children by training to lead PAIRS programs in your community.

Space is Limited, Register Early

Tuition is $900 per person/$1350 per couple, which includes all course materials. Accommodations at the Bonaventure Resort & Spa are available to training participants at special reduced rates. Space is limited. Please register early at training.pairs.com. Call for more information.

For more information, contact PAIRS Foundation by e-mail to info@pairs.com or call (877) PAIRS 4U (724 7748) ext. 802.

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  1. Having adopted four older children out of foster care, I’d say this is a great event.

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