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Month: December 2009

Research Study Validates PAIRS Lasting Impact; Highest Level of Client Satisfaction

Six month follow-up results from 996 recent participants in PAIRS brief (9-12 hours) relationship skills training classes validate significant benefits and the highest levels of client satisfaction. This report, by PAIRS Foundation’s Research Director Amanda Falciglia, offers meaningful evidence of the lasting impact of relationship skills classes for marriages and families.

Getting Real in 2010

Understanding the importance of bonding — the unique combination of emotional openness and physical closeness with another human being — has led to a paradigm shift that has powerfully influenced our understanding of human development and behavior. The results have included significant changes in birthing practices, physical and mental health treatments, recovery and wellness programs, care for seniors, parenting, fatherhood and marriage education, immigrant absorption, and even rehabilitation and re-entry of convicts. In fact, the more we understand about the human need for bonding and the symptoms of deprivation, the more we’re discovering about its connection to many of society’s most urgent challenges.

Protected: Understanding the Logic of Love and Emotions

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Listening to Understand

Protected: Tips for Good Talking and Good Listening

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Protected: How Full is Your Love Bank?

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Protected: PAIRS Daily Temperature Reading

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Protected: “Stress Styles” of Communication

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PAIRS Emotional Jug

A Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

For many, the most meaningful gift we can give each other is the gift of listening with empathy, with our heart. Learning to listen with empathy to those closest to us is a gift that offers a lifetime of rewards.

Un regalo para toda la vida

El elemento vital de la intimidad Confiando es el elemento vital de la intimidad, sin embargo, muchos – incluyendo a sus seres queridos – paran de confiar acausa de las reacciones y las respuestas de los demás. Como resultado, podemos perder el potencial de nuestras interacciones con aquellos que más nos importan en nuestra vida…. Read More ›

Estudio de Investigación Valida Impacto duradero de PAIRS en las parejas; Alto Nivel de Satisfacción del Cliente

Uno de los aspectos importantes del estudio incluye la medición de los elementos clave de satisfacción en la relación antes de comenzar la clase PAIRS y seis meses más tarde. Las evaluaciones de seguimiento de 996 participantes recientes validan beneficios significativos en las relaciones de pareja y muestran los niveles más altos de satisfacción del cliente.

Twenty Eight Days of Fatherhood

A son born into the digital, wired, 21st century world that witnesses daily technological breakthroughs reminds his father that nothing is more powerful than the grip of a baby’s tender grasp, quiet breathe, or gentle smile.

Couple's moment of silent reflection and prayer

PAIRS Daily Temperature Reading Inspires Connection

PAIRS Daily Temperature Reading is a powerful exercise for deepening love and intimacy in relationships of all types and stages. Explore the five steps of the PAIRS DTR, integrate it into your life for 30 days, and watch the miracles unfold. Now available from iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Family breakdown fuels increased homelessness, children are often innocent victims

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, five to eight million Americans will experience homelessness over a five year period, including millions of children. One common experience of nearly all children who become homeless is that they are innocent victims of family breakdown.

Seth Eisenberg, PAIRS Foundation.

Relationship Skills Training for Incarcerated Fathers Critical for Strong Families and Safe Neighborhoods

The White House and Department of Justice hosted a Roundtable and Forum on Responsible Fatherhood this week at Morehouse College in Atlanta. I traveled to Atlanta with PAIRS Foundation team members Lauren DelGandio, Francisco Robledo, and Tuly Wultz to learn more about the challenges facing fathers who are reuniting with their families following incarceration, particularly… Read More ›

Dr. Shirley Johnson

Relationship Skills Training Helps Prevent Teen Pregnancies

A recent study by the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation shows that helping teenagers improve communication skills, emotional understanding, and healthy conflict resolution is key to reducing teen pregnancies.

Children Learn What They Live

The understanding that children learn enduring life lessons much more from the actions of their parents, as opposed to their words (especially when their words and actions don’t match), has inspired generations of mothers and fathers to learn the skills and create environments that offer their children the greatest opportunity for happiness, fulfillment, and success.

Amanda Falciglia

Relationship Skills Training Can Dramatically Improve Quality of Life for Millions of Families and Children

Relationship skills training founded on emotional literacy, empathy and bonding has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of American couples, families, and children. PAIRS Foundation experience with diverse populations — from prisoner re-entry to individuals recovering from addictions, the formerly homeless, families struggling to overcome poverty, new immigrants, expectant parents, adoptive families, couples impacted by a spouse’s combat deployment, couples raising special needs children, couples considering separation or divorce, and others in all stages of relationship consistently demonstrates a lasting, positive impact of evidence-based relationship skills education.

A New Angel in Heaven

A three month old infant dies in the sweltering heat of a locked car. Her 16-year-old uncle anguishes over what to do. This baby should not have died.

Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman in Brothers

Honoring our Sacred Trust

The film Brothers brings to the big screen a compelling juxtaposition of the horrors of war against the fragility of marriage. PAIRS classes are helping couples impacted by combat deployment restore, reconnect and rekindle relationships that are the foundation of their lives.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

If Only Tiger Would

While few beyond Tiger Woods and his wife likely will (or should) ever know the full truth to the claims now widely circulated in both the tabloid and popular press, it’s all too understandable how public icons can be led horribly astray, apparently blinding themselves in the process to the eventual price they’ll almost certainly pay. For those who are most accomplished and recognized, the decisions they make are often much more about a hunger for validation than a yearning for sex. Marriage education founded on emotional literacy is an important solution.

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