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Research Study Validates PAIRS Lasting Impact; Highest Level of Client Satisfaction

Six month follow-up results from 996 recent participants in PAIRS brief (9-12 hours) relationship skills training classes validate significant benefits and the highest levels of client satisfaction.

In October 2006, the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation began an exhaustive multi-year evaluation of the impact of relationship skills training classes. Participants include a highly diverse pool of men and women in all stages of relationship who attended brief classes (9 – 12 hours) in English and Spanish delivered by PAIRS Foundation’s instructors in South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties).

The ongoing research is being conducted as part of a multi-year demonstration project grant-funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

One aspect of the study includes measuring key elements of relationship satisfaction prior to beginning PAIRS classes and again six months later. Follow-up assessments from 996 recent participants validate significant relationship benefits and the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Highlights, illustrated on the charts below, include:

  • 77% of participants reported some or much improvement in their communication with their partner;
  • 77% reported much or some improvement in regularly sharing appreciations with their partner;
  • 73% reported much or some improvement in their ability to resolve conflicts constructively;
  • 68% reported much or some improvement in their physical intimacy;
  • 72% reported much or some improvement in their ability to confide emotions;
  • 80% reported much or some improvement in the overall quality of their relationship;
  • 90% reported interest in participating in additional PAIRS classes;
  • 99% said that as a result of their personal experience, they would recommend PAIRS to others.
6 Areas of Their Relationship


Much or Some Improvement
Sharing Appreciations


Much or Some Improvement
Conflict Resolution


Much or Some Improvement
Physical Intimacy


Much or Some Improvement
Emotional Intimacy


Much or Some Improvement
Overall Relationship


Much or Some Improvement

For more information, contact Amanda Falciglia at (877) PAIRS-4U (724 7748) or e-mail

A current brochure describing PAIRS Foundation’s programs and partnerships is available for free download at this link.

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  1. Great job, Amanda and Steven! Thanks so much to you both and the Research Team for all your work.

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