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Evelyn and Kathy

Will marriage equality end Evelyn and Kathy’s 10-year relationship?

Evelyn smiled, not surprised that bringing her wife to the weekend marriage retreat would raise some eyebrows. The couple hadn’t expected anything to change in their relationship after they married. But something had changed.

America's Marriage Problem

America’s Marriage Problem is Incompetence

America’s marriage problem isn’t race, income, academics, faith, or sexual orientation. It’s incompetence.

Virginia Satir

Supreme Court’s Same Sex Marriage Ruling Just the Beginning for Fixing America’s Marriage Problems

The late Virginia Satir, considered the mother of family therapy, would have turned 97 today. Thirty years ago, she recognized that the basis of marriage had shifted from security, stability and raising children to sustaining love and intimacy — seeds to significant social change. The Supreme Court’s landmark ruling extending equal benefits to married same-sex couples represents a renewed opportunity to tackle America’s real marriage problems.

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