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After decade in prison, Air Force veteran embraces help and hope for a better future

Lloyd Christopher was a decorated Air Force medic. Like many others, Lloyd faced a traumatic experience that left him struggling with PTSD when he returned home.

Working for a better future

He struggled with finding healthy coping skills and support, which led him to a state penitentiary with a 10 year sentence. During that decade, he decided that he was going to spend his time incarcerated working on goals for a better future.

One day after his prison release, the former Air Force medic was embraced as he walked into the doors of Purpose Built Families Foundation’s Operation Sacred Trust SSVF program for homeless and at risk veterans. He was immediately placed in emergency housing, provided legal services, health care navigation, resilience training, connection to benefits, care management, and signed the lease on a new apartment within two months.

The sky’s the limit

Today, the Air Force veteran is looking forward to the best years of his life.

Thousands of other veterans are today serving time in the federal prison system. Each year, Purpose Built Families Foundation Operation Sacred Trust Supportive Services for Veteran Families programs helps more than 1,000 homeless and at-risk veterans like Lloyd build a bridge to a better future.

“The sky’s the limit,” Lloyd said. “I have at least a good 30 years of what will be a happy, prosperous life.”

Learn more at operationsacredtrust.com.

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