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Love Millennial Style


When it comes to feeling loved, millennials are much more likely to be wowed by a lover’s acts of service than older generations. But across the generations, some things haven’t changed at all.

date night and sports
For many, date night and sports are almost a guaranteed relationship strikeout.
date night and sports
Date night and sports are almost a guaranteed relationship strikeout. Want to score a home run? Head out-of-town for a weekend away together.

Millennials have their own style of love, according to a study that considered what leaves couples across three generations feeling cared about, special and valued by a romantic partner.

The generation that reached adulthood around the turn of the century is more likely to value acts of service and quality time than older generations.

While millennials clearly have some strong generational preferences when it comes to expressing and feeling loved, the PAIRS Foundation study of 372 people born between 1955 and 1994 found there are also more than a few striking similarities.

For one, kissing, cuddling and snuggling is just as important to older generations as younger ones. So are loving expressions and thoughtful celebrations.

Overall, older generations aren’t as wowed by birthday parties, especially surprise parties, or particularly thrilled by praise in front of others.

Love letters, candlelight and poetry still has its place, albeit at a different level of priority for younger generations versus older.

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