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Getting Started with the Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Relationship

More than 300 examples of the words people use to appreciate, affirm and acknowledge.



As I wrote over the weekend, the most important thing you can do for your relationship is looking for what’s right in the people closest to you and developing the habit of generously, sincerely, and specifically appreciating them. I was pleasantly surprised to see more than 10,000 people from across the globe reading and positively responding to the post on PAIRS Foundation’s Facebook page, including more than 100 fans who publicly shared the post with thousands of their friends.

Most active readership
Hubs of most active readership.

Many readers immediately went to the free PAIRS DTR App to begin sending appreciations to people they value most in the world. Many others reached out for advice, guidance and inspiration.

For each of you ready to live a life in which those closest to you — those for whom you are the witness to their lives — feel nurtured and loved every day, here are more than 300 examples of how people of all backgrounds, ages and stages of life and relationship express appreciations for spouses, partners, children, friends, co-workers and others.

Example of appreciation“I appreciate you letting me sleep last night when I was so tired. I appreciate that when I talked about my dream this morning you did not get upset with me and, instead, tried to find out why I had the dream by asking pertinent questions. I appreciate your love for me, which shows in how you support me, guide me, and understand what I need even when I do not.”

I appreciate .“I appreciate all the effort and sacrifice you put into creating a comfortable lifestyle for our family. I appreciate the analytical and logical way in which you approach decision making and finances. It helps me to grow in those areas I’m not as strong in. I appreciate all of the emails you send me with information and interesting articles or things you find funny. I appreciate your willingness to admit fault, to look at yourself and evaluate how to be a partner. I appreciated very much that you spent time with my family, even though I know you were completely exhausted. You were genuine, kind and giving toward them and that sacrifice meant so much to me.”

Get inspired from 300 ways people show love and appreciation“I appreciate how receptive you have been as we discover more about each other. I appreciate the way you have created a place in your heart for me. I appreciate how you are allowing me to open up to you and are encouraging to me. I appreciate that you show your gratitude, affection and share you feelings with me. I appreciate you for everything you do, even if I forget to tell you everyday. I appreciate that you are willing to move forward in this journey to learn about each other so that we can be closer not just sexually but emotionally.”


For 300 more inspiring examples, visit or get started sharing your appreciations with the PAIRS DTR App at


Seth D. Eisenberg is President/CEO of the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation in Hollywood, Florida, a pioneering industry leader in marriage and relationship education. He is the author of PAIRS Essentials and Loops: The Secret Saboteurs of Intimacy and How to Get Rid of Them Forever, available from Amazon.



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