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I Am Me: Rachel Rubel, Highland Park, Florida


Rachel Rubel, a Licensed Clinical Psychiatric Social Worker in Highland Park, Florida, said using the Daily Temperature Reading regularly created the foundation for her happy marriage.

“If we had learned these skills in our previous marriages, neither of us would have ever been divorced. We want to take care of our relationship and now we have the skills to do that.”

~ Rachel Rubel


Marriage Education (ME) is touching the lives of couples, families and children across the country. “I Am ME” profiles people teaching relationship, fatherhood and marriage education classes in their local communities.

Rachel Rubel dances in celebration at close of her PAIRS marriage education class in Orlando, Florida. Rubel said practicing the skills she learned helped her create a happy marriage.

Rachel Rubel is a Licensed Clinical Psychiatric Social Worker. She has two masters degrees, one in Social Work and the other in Counseling Education. She met her husband, Glenn, 15 years ago when they were both in other relationships. Glenn is a substitute teacher in a wide range of subject areas and levels of education. Years after first meeting, they reconnected to began pursuing a relationship with each other. When they found themselves experiencing difficulties, they enrolled in an extended PAIRS class for skills training.

“We were exposed to things we had never been exposed to before, and we were so taken by the fact that you need to practice relationship skills that you were never taught at home,” said Rachel Rubel. Although they broke-up after the class, they later realized that if they actually practiced the skills they’d learned in PAIRS, they could find a way back to each other. They did. A year after beginning to use the Daily Temperature Reading (PAIRS DTR) regularly, Rachel and Glenn Rubel are happily married and planning to bring evidence-based relationship education to Israel.

1.     What led you to want to teach relationship and marriage education?

Relationship and marriage education is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever come across. I dedicate my life to helping people and I want to share this with everyone. Our wish, as a couple, is to make this our life’s work. We hope to bring these skills to Israel to contribute to families there.

2.     How are the challenges facing young couples today different?

I believe that life today is much more hectic, complicated, and filled with more distractions than ever before. These days there is less time to communicate with each other than there was in our parents’ day and age. As more and more women have moved into the workplace, more challenges have arisen. There may be more demands on time, boundary issues and even jealousy about work relationships.

3.     How has being a marriage education instructor affected your family?

You have to practice what you preach and that is what we do! It just enforces everything we’ve learned. In our wedding contract, we agreed to do the Daily Temperature Reading regularly because this curriculum is now part of our life. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget about a little something that has been bothering us. The DTR helps clear things up before a small issue becomes a huge problem. If Glenn and I had learned these skills in our previous marriages, neither of us would have ever been divorced. We want to take care of our relationship and now we have the skills to do that.

4.     What are some favorite hobbies you enjoy as a family?

Glenn and I are guitar players and I also sing folk music, so we sing together often in Hebrew and English. I also enjoy doing oil paintings. Glenn and I are both very passionate in Judaic studies and are very involved in the Jewish community.

5. What three qualities would you like your family to most admire about you?

My kindness, joy, and devotion to my religion.

Contact Information:

Rachel and Glenn Rubel
Highland Beach, Florida
Phone: (561) 276-8643

Click to Email Rachel Rubel

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