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Fatherhood, Fishing, and Life’s Enduring Memories


Tiger Woods misses his father’s advice. Billy Ray Cyrus thinks he could have done better. Pia Toscano discovered Motown singing with her father. What memories are you creating as a father this week?

Sunny and Roy Hawk
Sunny Hawk, left and his father, Roy, wish each other luck as they prepare for the final day of an FLW bass fishing tournament in which they would both end up finishing in the top 10. Courtesy FLW Outdoors

by Seth Eisenberg

A lot of people are talking about their dads this week.

Billy Ray Cyrus says he could have done better.

Tiger Woods misses his father.

American Idol finalist Pia Toscano says she discovered Motown singing with her dad.

A father son team in Utah finished in the top 10 in a FLW bass fishing tournament.

Miley Cyrus’ dad said he approached fatherhood like building a friendship.

“As far as sitting down and doing algebra and science, the homework, I wasn’t very good at that. So I look back on it and think, ‘You know what? Maybe, no doubt, I could have been a better dad,'” Billy Ray Cyrus said.

Tiger Woods can no longer call his dad for advice.

“My dad really knew my stroke. And I miss him for a lot more reasons than just the putting, but as far as bouncing ideas off of him and what I was feeling and what he would say, I do miss that, certainly,” Tiger Woods said.

The Salt Lake Tribune features a story about Roy and Sunny Hawk pursuing their love for bass fishing.

“I’ve been traveling to tournaments as much as I can,” Sunny Hawk said. “It has been an honor, privilege and blessing to be able to fish in the same tournaments as my dad. Being able to be there with him makes it all the better.”

Long after the years have faded seasons and moments of our lives that captured our passions and energies at the time, memories of shared experiences with and as fathers will endure.

What memories are you creating?

Seth Eisenberg is CEO of the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation in Weston, Florida, an industry leader in relationship skills training.


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