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Frankie Muniz Claim Typical of Domestic Abuse


Asked if he punched girlfriend Elycia Turnbow, Frankie Muniz said, “No. I love her too much.” According to the Nicole Brown Foundation, abusers often target people they say they love.

Frankie Muniz and Elycia Turnbow
Frankie Muniz and Elycia Turnbow

“No. I love her too much. She is the woman I want to marry.”

~ Frankie Muniz responding to allegations he punched Elycia Turnbow

by Carson Abrir

Frankie Muniz said he couldn’t have punched girlfriend Elycia Turnbow because he loves her and wants the couple to get married.

Although the Malcolm in the Middle star denies the allegations, Phoenix Police confiscated Muniz’s gun and tried unsuccessfully to get Muniz or Turnbow to voluntarily leave the home..

As the police left Muniz and Turnbow with a warning, disgraced football legend O.J. Simpson was recovering from a brutal beating he suffered in prison, reportedly at the hands of skinheads. London’s Daily Mail reports, “A skinhead inmate is said to have kicked and punched Simpson to ‘a bloody pulp’ after allegedly overhearing him bragging about his sexual conquests of white women.”

The horrific murder of Nicole Brown Simpson 17 years ago brought increased awareness to the warning signs and potential tragic consequences of domestic violence. Nicole Brown’s family established the Nicole Brown Foundation to educate communities about the potential life and death consequences of domestic violence.

According to the Nicole Brown Foundation, domestic violence affects more than 2 million Americans annually “when a family member, partner or ex-partner attempts to physically or psychologically dominate another.”

Domestic violence can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation, economic deprivation, and threats of violence, all aimed at establishing power and control over another person.

The Frankie Muniz, Elycia Turnbow Domestic Violence Phoenix Police Department Report obtained and published by TMZ said Elycia Turnbow told officers Frankie Muniz “punched her in the back of the head, and threw her into a wall while in the downstairs bedroom.”

Because the police found no signs of injury, damage or independent witnesses, and were unsuccessful in their attempts to have either Frankie Muniz or Elycia Turnbow voluntarily leave the home, the police left the couple with a warning that if police were again called to their address, “One or both of them will be charged with disorderly conduct and booked into jail.”

One of the most common myths is that domestic violence is an anger control issue. The Nicole Brown Foundation website includes a list of common myths and facts about domestic violence, including:

MYTH: Domestic violence is an anger control issue.

FACT: Domestic violence has nothing to do with anger. Anger is a tool abusers use to get what they want. We know abusers are actually very much in control because they can stop when someone knocks on the door or the phone rings; they often direct punches and kicks to parts of the body where the bruises are less likely to show; they abuse everyone who makes them “angry,” but waits until there are no witnesses and abuse the one they say they love.

While police may not be able to force victims to leave dangerous situations and abusive relationships, it’s important that every person is aware of the signs and dangers of domestic violence, common tactics of abusers, and the dangerous consequences of staying with abusers.


Nicole Brown Foundation

National Domestic Violence Hotline

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  1. I work closely with those impacted by domestic violence and this article gives great information. However, we must also not be hasty in casting a guilty charge of judgement over Mr. Muniz. While a high number of domestic abuse goes unreported, there are still too many unsubstantiated reports against men. These only cast unnecessary doubt in the real victims minds on coming forward.

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