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J. Paul Getty III Story Strikes a Chord

Fatherhood Channel Visitors, 2-9-2011

J. Paul Getty III story brought nearly 4,000 readers to the Fatherhood Channel.

Wednesday’s post on the sad, tragic life of J. Paul Getty III clearly struck a chord with readers worldwide. The 970-word story by Seth Eisenberg brought nearly 4,000 readers to the Fatherhood Channel, breaking our previous single-day traffic record.

Many readers wrote to share personal comments and their own stories that connected with a central theme in the life of J. Paul Getty:

“The sad life and death of the once favorite grandson of the world’s richest man shows even unimaginable wealth is no match for the lasting consequences of family breakdown, a boy yearning for his father’s love and attention, and families whose riches can buy everything but an anchor to each other.”

While it’s not unusual to see global fascination in the lives of the rich and famous, we were taken by surprise to see the depth of interest in the life of J. Paul Getty III and how many readers were left considering the lessons his life meant for their own.


The Sad, Tragic Life of J. Paul Getty III

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