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Will Parenthood Role Rub Off on John Corbett?


Will John Corbett’s upcoming 50th birthday and debut on NBC’s Parenthood lead to wedding bells for the Sex and the City star and longtime girlfriend Bo Derek?

John Corbett and Bo Derek
Wedding Bells for John Corbett and Bo Derek?

by Carson Abrir

Will John Corbett and Bo Derek get married before his upcoming 50th birthday on May 9th? While Corbett says he doesn’t see himself getting married or having kids, the upcoming milestone in his life may lead the famous couple down a different path.

The television and film star known for performances in Northern Exposure and Sex in the City is tackling a new gig with his upcoming debut on Parenthood. He’ll play Sarah’s ex and show up eager to finally play a role in the lives of his children.

Whether or not the role rubs off on Corbett is something he and longtime girlfriend Bo Derek aren’t talking about.

Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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