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“When you feel something, take a risk, it works.”
~ George Doub

George Doub
George Doub

George Doub, 70, one of the pioneers of the field of marriage and relationship education, died this week in Scotts Valley, California.

In 2010, Doub’s Family Wellness Associates celebrated 30 years of service that touched the lives of more than one million participants in family strengthening programs taught throughout the world.

Doub’s work was significantly influenced by his experiences with Virginia Satir, with whom he led early trainings to help prevent violence in families. The range of Family Wellness programs are built on a commitment to honoring the people being served and recognizing that all healthy change begins by building on what’s working.

“To be in the healing profession, you have to have a sense of mission,” Doub said, regularly encouraging training participants to be aware of the “gifts we give to the people we serve” as building blocks to personal harmony.

Doub died doing what came most naturally to him: helping a neighbor.  He was cutting up a fallen tree that had fallen on his neighbor’s property when it rolled on him. He was dead by the time rescue workers arrived.

While Doub certainly had much more to contribute and will be deeply missed by family, friends and colleagues, he lived a life that made a profound difference, leaving behind resources, lessons and inspiration that will contribute to a better world for generations to come.

He regularly encouraged training participants to take risks in their service to couples and families.

“When you feel something, take a risk,” he said.

That encouragement, his commitment to honoring those he served, and his passion for the well-being of families will be his lasting legacy.


George Doub Killed While Cutting Tree

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  1. My heart goes out to George’s family. George was a great influence in my early years as a counselor at Boeger Jr Hi. I learned something from him each and every time I listened to or spoke with him. He had such a genuine interest in our students and their families. Countless people benefitted from George’s words and actions. He will be greatly missed!

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