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Same name, different lives

“Your father wasn’t there because he couldn’t be; my father wasn’t there because he chose not to be," author Wes Moore quotes the other Wes Moore as saying in a powerful story of the impact of fathers and mentors in the lives of children. The book offers a compelling portrait of the very different lives of two men who both began their lives with the same name, similar circumstances, and potential. One will never see freedom again.

The Other Wes Moore

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Shared appreciations boost morale, success

Much has changed in the daily life of administrative professionals and support staff over the past 58 years since the International Association of Administrative Professionals began sponsoring Administrative Professionals Week. From mailings and phones, checkouts to banking, information distribution, analysis, customer development, and many areas in between, modern technology has taken over many of the traditional tasks that are vital to successful businesses and organizations, large and small. High levels of employee involvement in decision making, adequate training, an environment where it is safe for employees to speak up, or speak their mind freely have been shown to increase levels of employee satisfaction.

appreciating administrative professionals

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Foundations team up with iTunes to promote tolerance with new iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad app

Four years after a suicide bombing that claimed the life of a 16-year-old Florida youngster, PAIRS Foundation and the Daniel Cantor Wultz Foundation teamed up with iTunes to release a free iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad application to promote tolerance by helping young people strengthen families, relationships, schools, and communities.

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