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Teen pregnancy

Toddler Only Witness to Murder of Teen Mom

The murder of 16-year-old Daniella Cooper last week reveals much about the challenges and tragedies that single, teen moms and their children face daily. The Census Bureau reports one in four American women who had a baby in 2008 were living in poverty. Statistics alone don’t begin to capture the struggles of their lives.

Tyra Banks Teen Pregnancy

Preventing Teen Pregnancy is a Family Affair

While host Tyra Banks lambastes a group of teen moms on today’s Tyra Show, parents and other significant adults also have a vital role to play preventing teen pregnancy.

national day to prevent teen pregnancy

Talking with Teens About Sex and Pregnancy

A recent study found that nearly 50 percent of teens have never considered how a pregnancy would affect their lives. Research shows that youngsters who have strong, healthy relationships with parents and peers are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. Consider these tips to starting talking with teens about sex and pregnancy.

Research Report: PAIRS Relationship Skills Training Helps Men Succeed as Husbands and Fathers

Research demonstrates that PAIRS relationship skills training, a behavioral/cognitive educational approach developed, evaluated, and refined over a quarter century, has the potential to reverse the trend of marital and family breakdown and significantly contribute to strengthening families and improving outcomes for children.

Dr. Shirley Johnson

Relationship Skills Training Helps Prevent Teen Pregnancies

A recent study by the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation shows that helping teenagers improve communication skills, emotional understanding, and healthy conflict resolution is key to reducing teen pregnancies.

A New Angel in Heaven

A three month old infant dies in the sweltering heat of a locked car. Her 16-year-old uncle anguishes over what to do. This baby should not have died.

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