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Study Shows Lasting Gains from Marriage Education

A large, multi-year, federally-funded study of South Florida couples shows significant improvements in relationship consensus, cohesion, satisfaction, and affection a year after completing nine hours of skills training.

Skills Help Couples Balance Work and Family

President Obama spoke out this week on the challenges couples face balancing work and family life. While workers may not always be able to influence company policies, research shows that improving communication skills, emotional understanding, and the ability to work through typical marital conflicts helps couples boost the bottom line at home and for their employers.

Challenging Marriage Educators to Prove Impact

As the annual SmartMarriages conference begins in Orlando, a Psychology Today article takes aim at proponents of marriage education for focusing on selling classes instead of research. Ensuring marriage education programs have a proven track record of positive impact is vital to gaining trust and broader acceptance from the public and professionals.

Effects of marital discord

Marriage and health

For more than 150 years, policy-makers and researchers have known there’s a direct connection between marriage and health. Today, studies are increasingly identifying the specific aspects of marriage that promote wellness, healing, and increased life expectancy. This information provides a road map to strengthen couples, families and communities with significant medical, social, and economic benefits.

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Study offers hope for marriages, families, and jobs

A study by the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation found statistically significant, lasting improvements in marital satisfaction for men and women who completed a nine-hour relationship skills training program. The organization says that expanding relationship skills training in communities nationwide offers the potential for creating tens of thousands of jobs while reducing billions in taxpayer expenses.

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As marriages threatened by fights over money, careers and in-laws, more couples benefit from skills training

Nearly two thirds of couples in committed relationships regularly argue with each other and more than a quarter quarrel more often than not. Researchers followed-up with hundreds of couples six months after they completed a nine-hour PAIRS Essentials class designed to improve communication, emotional understanding, and conflict resolution. Results of the follow-up study indicated a sharp decline in the frequency of disagreements with significant benefits for improving marriages, strengthening families and helping children succeed.

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Helping Parents Strengthen Marriages and Families

Marriage education helps couples with children strengthen their marriages and families. The percentage who never consider divorce doubled after just nine hours of relationship skills training.

Answering the Call

A marriage educator considers how his life might be different if his own parents had participated and reflects on the impact for children whose parents reach out for help. Redistributed from Seth Eisenberg’s blog, Redefining Relationships.

Research Report: PAIRS Relationship Skills Training Helps Men Succeed as Husbands and Fathers

Research demonstrates that PAIRS relationship skills training, a behavioral/cognitive educational approach developed, evaluated, and refined over a quarter century, has the potential to reverse the trend of marital and family breakdown and significantly contribute to strengthening families and improving outcomes for children.

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Relationship Skills Training Can Dramatically Improve Quality of Life for Millions of Families and Children

Relationship skills training founded on emotional literacy, empathy and bonding has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of American couples, families, and children. PAIRS Foundation experience with diverse populations — from prisoner re-entry to individuals recovering from addictions, the formerly homeless, families struggling to overcome poverty, new immigrants, expectant parents, adoptive families, couples impacted by a spouse’s combat deployment, couples raising special needs children, couples considering separation or divorce, and others in all stages of relationship consistently demonstrates a lasting, positive impact of evidence-based relationship skills education.

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