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Sacrificing love for lent

What could it mean to sacrifice love for Lent?

What could it mean to sacrifice love for Lent? PAIRS CEO Seth Eisenberg considers what it might mean for couples, marriages and families made up of people who by our very nature are lifelong “works in progress” if modern love was built on a foundation of commitment rather than commitment depending on feelings of love.

divorce reform

Divorce Reform Challenges Marriage Educators

Proposed divorce reform legislation challenges the field of marriage education to be sure programs make a lasting, positive difference for couples on the brink of divorce.

No Divorce

Coalition Pitches Speed Bumps to Slow Divorce Pace

A non-partisan group of experts, scholars, and concerned citizens have come together to urge states to put the brakes on no-fault divorce practices they claim encourage hundreds of thousands of couples each year to split-up instead of make-up.

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