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Is Anyone Actually Listening? An App That’s Here to Help Couples, Parents and Families Impacted by Trauma

Conflict within family

During a test run, we found the revolutionary new AI-powered PAIRS Talking Tips App helps make crucial conversations happen more effectively.


Are you tired of having conversations that don’t seem to get your point across?

Does it feel like people just aren’t listening when you talk?

Are you worried that how you deal with conflict is having a negative impact on your children?

Well, there’s an app for that!

New PAIRS Talking Tips App helps couples resolve relationship problems.
Relationship problems? There are more options than ever, including a revolutionary new Talking Tips App to help couples learn to resolve differences and conflicts. Children do better when parents can model constructive conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

The developer said the idea for the App came from seeing how much people impacted by trauma struggle to find and create “the new normal” for communications. The App is based on key exercises from PAIRS, an acronym for Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills. It’s been engineered by a team of AI developers led by Samuel Xu.

“Military and veteran families impacted by trauma often face the challenge of creating a ‘new normal’ when it comes to communications,” said Seth Eisenberg, CEO of Purpose Built Families Foundation and author of PAIRS Warrior to Soul Mate, an experiential skills training program that’s helped thousands of veteran families strengthen their closest bonds. Eisenberg said making the App available to military and veteran families is the nonprofit’s top priority.

The new AI-powered Talking Tips App uses advanced artificial intelligence to help people learn skills from the PAIRS Warrior to Soul Mate program. “Yodi,” an AI relationship coach and mentor, helps couples and singles master good talking and listening skills.

During a test run, we found the revolutionary new AI-powered PAIRS Talking Tips App helps make crucial conversations happen more effectively. This powerful tool uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to help identify key topics of conversation (or users can select their own) and pinpoint verbal patterns. By honing in on particular emotions or underlying messages, this innovative technology allows users to craft their words so they are better understood by those around them. With a few taps and swipes, this amazing communication support system enables clear dialogue with effective results —making sure all parties involved have truly been heard before reaching any agreement or resolution.

Put away misunderstandings and miscommunications forever; try out the cutting edge in communication tech today using the revolutionary brand-new AI powered Talking Tips App!

For more information or to sign up to test drive the App, visit MyPAIRSCoach.com.

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