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How Couples Spice Up Sex with a Sense of Adventure

Kiss from a tree
role playing
Role playing is one of the most popular ways couples spice up their sex lives, which is a lot easier than climbing a tree.

In a non scientific sex survey of 891 adult men and women by PAIRS Foundation, most people couldn’t, or at least didn’t, answer the question: “To get really adventuresome, we could …

You might be surprised by some of the most common responses of those who were willing to share how they bring a sense of adventure to their sex lives.

You don’t necessarily have to invite your lover to climb a tree to add a new dimension of excitement to your love making, but for many, making whoopee in the great outdoors is a big turn-on.

So are toys, oils, dress-up, role-playing and, for quite a few, bringing some manner of bondage and the excitement that comes from both trust and surrender to their sexual partner.

How can you bring a sense of fun and adventure to your sex life?

Check out some of the most popular ways other couples spice things up. If you’re bold enough, use the free PAIRS online exercise to get started creating, sharing and experiencing your own perfect love making scenario.