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Seth Rogen engaged
Is Seth Rogen starting a new trend for the big question?

by Carson Abrir

Conan O’Brien on TBS leaped out of the gate with some unusual engagement advice for the 20-something singles among his opening night audience of more than four million viewers.

Seth Rogen, Conan’s lead guest as he takes on the late night veterans, said that with girlfriend Lauren Miller in a state of undress at the moment he popped the big question (“Will you change your Facebook status?”), he choose to slide the ring onto her nipple.

“I figured the only appropriate thing was to place the ring on her nipple,” the comedian said amidst a monologue of expletives quickly bleeped by TBS technicians.

Viewers will decide for themselves if Rogen’s example is a new trend to accompany one of the most important questions ever asked.

With 2.5 million 18-34 year olds tuning in the first night, Conan already is a TBS hit.